Hey Monday Club Crew!!!

This week we have sabores which I’ve organised a meal of the day by demand of a couple of new members!
We will see some more of our members this week now the borders are open !!!!
And also Talking of the borders being open I’m just lining up the next month. I’ve added some new venues requested for next month and the month after I’m going to add some more new venues!
So as well as some new venues…

La Bonita – The Carvery
Oharas – Ponchos
Happy Days – Sunset Inn
Tequila 3 – Indian City
Ibensa Bar – Panda

We can look on the day at organizing the after venues in hope of keeping the crew together! Suggestions please.

Anybody in the Monday Club can run the review which is featured on the website on any week, if you would like to a review let me or Lisa know which week.

We hit the radio website this week which you will find a link here and also wiring to be reviewed in the local newspaper!
If you would like to review the Monday Club please feel free to contact me or Lisa.

The Monday Club

If your looking at joining the Monday Club or having the Monday Club join your venue please feel free to contact us.

We are the original Monday Club here in Malaga established 4 years!
Don’t be confused by imitators!!!!


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