Torremolinos Lunch Club

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Siete Tablas Torremolinos

A change of scene before the mostly sell out xmas parties in December!!!! Keep in mind we have a few places left in king of curries but be quick!! Ok so we took to the calvario with pretty high numbers!! And started in new irish jims with a couple of selected craft ales! We had

Taberna 1830 Torremolinos

A great evening in central Torremolinos! We met around 6.30pm at 20 de cañas for well priced pre late lunch drinks! The club had all arrived by 7pm and we set about the well priced drink and met lots of new members, fantastic people! We had a good chat and laugh and moved onto the

Kyomu Torremolinos

A day central with the cut down lunch club was fantastic central in a new Japanese restaurant! We started the day in ponderosa for a well priced good white wine slightly later as me and lisa was in torrox! We met at 3pm and moved on for the last reservation slot in the new kyomu.

El Torro Azul – Torremolinos

Another fantastic lunch club day central torremolinos. We started the day in a new bar for the lunch club! Mulligans irish bar. I started up the day with a murphys which is a fantastic pint but its a bit hard to find in tap in torremolinos!! We moved onto El Toro Azul to our reserved

Taberna 1830 Torremolinos

Absolutely fantastic day in torremolinos and two new venues for the lunch club! We started the day in 20 de canas around one and they have a large terrace which is perfect for a high numbers lunch club! The service and prices here was brilliant id highly recommend lovely people. We was a stone throw

Kiss Bar Restaurant Torremolinos

Another amazing day central this week! I have to make a big note on our restaurant Kiss attention to detail, organisation and Professionalism absolutely fantastic! We started the day central in a new bar for the lunch club. The sherlock holmes opens from 9pm till late and has a great terrace plus they have murpheys

Piano Piano Torremolinos

Another fantastic day! We started the day central in Vanilla and hooked up with other lunch club members and had a good yarn a couple of well priced wines! We moved on to piano piano for 2.30pm in time as we was all hungry!! The food was preordered so no messing around and the wine

Guinns Torremolinos

Absolutely fantastic day central torremolinos! We started the in the main centre at the Egyptian bar around one. We had a few ciders and the crew was rounded up by half past. We had some returning members and a couple of new members. The service is very good in the Egyptian bar and pleasant people.

Pallete – Torremolinos

Back central torremolinos for the day! We started the day in guinns i opted for a couple of choice craft ales! Nice big head ey!!! We was rounded up by 3pm. We left for Pallete at 4.30 which isnt far so only slightly late 😁 I dropped by Pallete over the weekend and indicated possibly

Billies Piano Bar – Torremolinos

We had a fantastic day with some of our old returning members which was fantastic this week! We started the day visiting tomy and marina at piano piano to start the day at 1.30 this week. Had a cider or two before we headed over to billies piano bar for a special vip opening for