Another fantastic lunch club event in a fabulous new restaurant with great food and music! A great show out for another GuitarMan show this time featuring featuring dani as Elvis! The new restaurant is a branch of the well known king of curries in the arroyo de la miel and this new larger restaurant with great terrace is now indian tex mex! I rolled up to prepare for the show at 7.15 and set all the gear into place and tested and people started rolling in and the drinks and popadoms started flowing! I was setup ready for 7.45pm and sat having a beef and a popadom and dips

Fantastic Wine

while waiting for dani before i started at 8! Luckily he arrived for 7.50! But realised not enough room to perform so we moved a couple of tables to free up some more space the people was very nice about considering they was settled and eating and drinking! So i started slightly later at 8.15 by then the restaurant was full!! I Kicked into a 45 minute rock and roll set and all the food started flowing out!

Rock & Roll GuitarMan

I played a great rock and roll selection and then invited dani to join me as elvis and we did a elvis song together

GuitarMan & Elvis

I had some amazing food and prepared for finish up a handful of party songs set!! I had a lamb madras which was fantastic.

Balti & Madras

Dani performed a great energetic elvis set and did a few extra which was fantastic!

Dani as elvis!

I came back on with a party collection!

The icing on the cake was a handful of cherry picked party songs to finish this fantastic night

Memorable uplifting songs!

I have to say it was a fantastic night with a great atmosphere and food! Another successful show thank you dani and crew for joining! Thank you to all my friends for coming and the lunch club crew you made a fantastic night! The new restaurant is very cosy and the service was food and service was fabulous highly recommended! Keep you eyes peeled for more single and double GuitarMan shows!

The day’s highlights.


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