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Torremolinos Monday Club

A group of expats started the Monday Club back in 2017. The group started with initial four members meeting for lunch and from then on Wayne Ward & Lisa Ward have organised the weekly venues for food and refreshments. The first initial meetings was in the el Calvario, Torremolinos in a bar called los ridos which for around 8 months we met there every week to eat the amazing Sri Lanken food created by mahesh and Rafael making various different Sri Lanken dishes weekly. The group started growing fast moving fast from 4 to around 16 sometimes 20 members!
When the los ridos had to sadly close the Monday Club got its wings!! As we are all the people that attend are mainly living or stopping around Torremolinos we tend to stay in a 5km distance so we travel to say the arroyo de la Miel and Benalmadena and mainly Torremolinos and the Carihuela.
We are current and have new members join us most weeks as they have seen the group on social media and love the look of the days we have out! We have people from UK, Scotland and Ireland! Plus we have people who return visit us from Sweden, America, Australia and Canada!
We have a core group of around 8 who come every week and then people who have joined and stay with us while they are on there visits!
We try all cuisines and we keep notes on the places that we have been looked after and enjoyed for return visits!!

On the initial day on a Monday we would meet at around 1pm in the first bar and would wait for other members to come and catch up then we would move onto the Restaraunt usually to dine for 2.30pm catching pictures of all the moment and cuisine then move on to one last place before the group separates around 5 or 6pm. Wayne & Lisa generate videos of the day to post to our Facebook group.
We had to stop during the lockdown but we all keep in touch through social media but when the lockdown was lifted we started back in full force and had more attending than usual which was great and then the restrictions was added which restricts the group to six members so unfortunately we have have a group A and B now usually so we have a group of 6 meet and another group of six which isn’t great but we can still socialise. The initial corona virus has stopped some of our older members coming until vaccination and the recent closing off of the areas stopped some couple from Benalmadena coming and one of our single lady core members coming to see us which was sad as she is the life of the day and she really missed seeing her friends.
We have new plans for 2021 for the group to expand when the people number restrictions is lifted and looking at using the meet-up application to expand our members and make it easier to manage!
The group is free so if you are interested in joining us you can get in touch through our face book page until we get the meet-up group in place ! If you are a venue and would like to have the lunch club visit to your venue please feel free to get in touch we can call by and talk about hosting the lunch club in your venue!

Update 2024! We are still running strong and we have between ten and thirty international people each week! We are well established six years in and a great resource for people living and visiting malaga!

The group has a great positive vibe and it’s the highlight of the week for most members!

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Hope you like the article – Wayne Ward ?