Absolutely fantastic day sunday we started central after the music competition in billies piano bar which was fantastic! I judged with iñaki which i have to say was fantastic person a true musician and gentleman.

Amazing Person & Great Judge.

We moved onto piano piano for a sneaky drink before our reservation at 5pm great to see tommy and marina.

Great white wine!

We headed on over to our 5pm reservation with El Toro Azul and we had the window seat which is fantastic! And the wine started flowing out and i went for our favorite special edition red!

Absolutely of the scale!

We had some warm fresh bread while was waiting which i have to say wasnt a long time at all and out came the bad boy fillet!

Argentinian Fillet

They are good friends here so i always get the best! Thank you guys!

The service, food and quality cant be beat here in Toro Azul.

The steak was big and was cooked to absolute perfection and the pepper sauce… well…

We enjoyed the complimentary shots!

We decided to head over to new irish jims for last man standing and luckily its not to far of a walk and a 2 minute slight hill and the lunch crew are like vikings! Well worth the trip! For sun laughs and craft ales!!

Fun Times!!

Kev always looks after the crew and dished out the shots!!

Vodka Caramel!

The craft ale selection in kevs is pretty much bang on and he stocks our beer so we had a good handful of these!

Segral Brewing IPA

We had a fantastic day this is what the club is designed for!

Fantastic Friends!
Ice cream time!

With all the talk of ice cream we had to take a ice cream which was off the scale! With a pacharan of course!!

The day’s Highlights!!
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  1. Terrific -a lot of work goes into the organising of the events,composing the article and not in the least the photographs -all we have to do is enjoy ourselves !!!! I


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