Billies Piano Bar Torremolinos


Another fantastic day central with the lunch club!
We started the day in piano piano around 1pm we went for our favorite italian white wine.

We had a great crew plus two new members. The crew had all landed by 2pm and we was hungry so we made a move at 2.20! But then we realised on the flyer we should have been there at 2pm instead of our normal 2.30! So we had our wires crossed but billies was cool with this! Billies piano bar is a stone throw away from piano and was there in a minute and presented with our tables and the starters was straight out and the wine order was in!

We ordered our favourite red wine the 19 crimes!
The wine came out followed by a massive bowl of rice and a massive bowl of couscous.

We was then presented with the Moroccan beef, Chicken and apricot and the vegetarian chickpwa tagine. I went for the beef, the beef was tender in a lovely rich sauce with amazing Moroccan flavours.

There was plenty to go at i ate like a king and there was enough left to feed a army!
So i had to try the chicken which was amazing! And the vegetarian was amazing ive never had vegetables as tender as these!
The quality of the food and portions was the best we have had! The service at billies cant be beat Professional and fast. We have to give the guys 12 out of 10! The lunch club highly recommends Billies Piano Bar & SpeakEasy.
We moved onto guinns as the crew started to split for our last beers and then walked one of new members to the train station for his train home!
Absolutely fantastic day! Lovely to see new members enjoying the day!
Highly successful day! Massive shout out to billies piano bar crew amazing day.

Piano Piano Torremolinos


Another fantastic day! We started the day central in Vanilla and hooked up with other lunch club members and had a good yarn a couple of well priced wines! We moved on to piano piano for 2.30pm in time as we was all hungry!!
The food was preordered so no messing around and the wine was out fast!!

A very fine smooth fruity italian wine one of my favourites! Me and lisa opted for the steak with peppercorn sauce which was fantastic!!

The steak was cooked perfect and everybodys meals was served out fast and we all really enjoyed the various dishes.
Im weak and had to have the desert! A lovely vanilla ice cream!!!

This was the icing on the cake!
We hung around and took another bottle of eine and had a great laugh!!

We headed home but dropped by 3 monkeys for yet another bottle of wine we shared with elsa!!
We left elsa and bumped into barbara for one last drink before staggering home !!!!!!
Absolutely fantastic day!! 12 out of ten piano piano you nailed it!!
Here are the days highlights

Kathmandu Torremolinos


We had a last minute change of plan this week and had to move our monday lind up to a later date in 2 weeks! So we had to act fast we needed last minute no pre order with exceptional food and service Central torremolinos. Yes you guessed we went for the lunch clubs favourite Kathmandu!
We started the day in guinns we had a cider or two!

We moved onto Kathmandu for 2.30pm we was presented with a set out table as i ran down and warned 12 people but quickly expanded to 13!!!
We was offered a split bill and drinks came out instantly and the dips started flowing.
Its one of my local restaurants and they knew exactly what i wanted!
Lamb and king prawn pahadi cooked to absolute perfection!

Everybody was more than happy with the food and service and we had a fantastic time!
We settled up and ate our complimentary chocolates!!
A handful of us headed of to Picasso Square for wine and giggles!!

The group split for the day so me and lisa went to Branigans for another wine or two and bumped into andy and Michelle!!

Again another amazing day! We have the next two weeks lined up which is going to be fantastic!

Guinns Torremolinos


Absolutely fantastic day central torremolinos!
We started the in the main centre at the Egyptian bar around one. We had a few ciders and the crew was rounded up by half past. We had some returning members and a couple of new members. The service is very good in the Egyptian bar and pleasant people. We move onto guinns for 2.30pm and was presented with our reserved table and the organization for the bills was awesome and the drinks started flowing.

We have been specially waiting for bryans danish open sandwiches so this was a special day! We had preordered a mixture of open sandwiches and vegetarian food plus a couple wanted good old pie and chips!!! I went for the open sandwich and selected beef horseradish, prawn and dil and shrimp and egg.

The sandwiches are totally off the scale and very filling i could have easily shared with lisa!
Everybodys order was instant as we pre ordered and everything was perfectly off the scale!
I have to say jennii’s service was amazing and fun as well! Bryans food was amazing so a total winner a lunch club 12 out of 10!! Thank you guys!
A handful moved onto picasso square for a few more vinos and to feel Picassos bits up 😁

Again absolutely fantastic day
We also wished gordon a happy birthday and helen who joined us! Lovely people.
This is what the club is designed for memorable fantastic days.
Here are the days highlights

Kathmandu Torremolinos


We had a change to the day monday due to work and changed the lunch club meeting to night!
We met central in guinns around 8pm and the full crew was round up by half past! We had some returning members and mary wanted Kathmandu! We had one cider but everybody was starving so we moved onto the kat for food! We was offered the round table made for ten which was perfect! And we was served up with wine fast and the popadum and dips was straight out and demolished! Luckily the food is fast served as we had a hungry lunch club! I went with the lamb and prawn safari which was sizzling hot and cooked to perfection as always!

Again the food and the service was outstanding we gave the thumbs up 12 out of 12! It cant be beat probably the highest recommended by the lunch club members!
We moved on to guinns for another beer or two and a handful of us moved to Branigans for the last beer!
Fantastic day this is what the club was designed for! Great people and good times!
Great to see mary back and lovely to see katrina and mike they are great people and now how to have fun!!
The food was that good me and lisa dropped by again the next day for seconds! Check this mixed tikka!!

Here are the days highlights

Piano Piano Torremolinos


Another fantastic day central torremolinos!
We had a spontaneous day!
We started the day around 1pm in Guinns bar for a cider or two!

We decided to give tomy and marina a call at piano piano and they said yes fine come and over! So we headed over to piano and was served up with drinks fast!

We opted for the new stocked italian white wine which smooth, fruity and pretty much perfect!
Me and lisa went for the steak deal and it was cooked perfectly

We had order extra various meals and the wait time was very small. Everybody was 12 out of 10 for food and service!
So i had to go for the Italian vanilla ice cream desert

Like everyone else! But i thought it would be nice to wash down with a pacharan!
All the food and service was fantastic thank you tommy and marina for taking us on the last minute booking!
A handful of party animals ended up in bar havana for a bottle of wine or three😁
Fantastic venue with fantastic service prices and wine of course!

Absolutely fantastic spontaneous day for all everything the club is designed for!

The days highlights

Pallete – Torremolinos


Back central torremolinos for the day!
We started the day in guinns i opted for a couple of choice craft ales!

Nice big head ey!!!
We was rounded up by 3pm. We left for Pallete at 4.30 which isnt far so only slightly late 😁
I dropped by Pallete over the weekend and indicated possibly 10 – 15 people which they was fine with i said id drop by before for final numbers which was 10 so they just moved one table of with no problems and we asked if they could split the bill again yes this was no problem! We was handed a drinks menu and straight away the wine was on the table and ready to go!

The wine was well priced and i went for the fillet steak with pepper sauce and baked potato

The steak was gigantic and i asked for medium rare and it was just i asked for!

I have so the food speed and service was perfect id highly recommend this restaurant for food price, quality and service.
We went back to guinns for a few beers before we separated. Another clean sailing day!
Great to see kathleen and malcom back!!
Here are the days highlights

Pil Pil Restaurante – Arroyo De La Miel, Benalmadena


A totally amazing day! We started the day around one at 100 montaditos in the arroyo de la liel benalmadena for a few cheap ciders before heading over to the pil pil restaurante. The restaurant was set out to perfection and we was served with menus and a tablet which was fantastic for looking at the vast amount of wine they have in the restaurant, i like the fact you can pick the wines by region, country make etc absolutely fantastic! We opted for one of our favourite wines – 19 crimes.

Then we asked if we could split the bill which was no problem and then we asked for the food order. No long waits here! The food was served out fast hot fresh and cooked to perfection!
I went for the certified angus fillet steak medium rare – it was a lovely size and cooked to perfection and the potatoes was perfect.

Id highly recommend this. I was stuffed but i had to try the ice cream which was a lovely vanilla ice cream on a base of fresh cream absolutely fantastic 👌

We was given a complimentary drink we went for baileys.

We had a talk with the owners and they was very pleasant and have to say this was the smoothest day and we say 12 out of 10 from the lunch club.
We finished up the day in tanges bar with a lovely tetley smooth and a packet of ringos!!
Top end day, top end venue, food and people!
Here are the highlights of the day

Olsson – Benalmadena


Another fantastic day! We been running small numbers with long term core members to cut down any hassles till we decide what to do in 2023! And its been fantastic this week we took 18 people with us to Benalmadena for the day do we reserved the whole inside bar!
We started the day in ibensa around 1pm we was late with work and most of the crew was there! We had a good few well priced beers in ibensa and shifted on down to olsons for 2.30pm we served up with our complimentary drink and the BBQ was fired up! Wasnt long till the food coming flowing out we had a set pre ordered menu which was fantastic

The food was fantastic – thank you micheal and michelle fantastic work! Great food, service and value. We usually move in to one more bar but we stayed in in olssons for a few extra tipples and a laugh and hot the uber out!
Fantastic day again we have something special lined up for next week!

Billies Piano Bar – Torremolinos


We had a fantastic day with some of our old returning members which was fantastic this week! We started the day visiting tomy and marina at piano piano to start the day at 1.30 this week.

Had a cider or two before we headed over to billies piano bar for a special vip opening for the lunch club and a vip lunch club menu!
We was served up straight away with drinks was presented with cutlery and the main to make the choice of curry and then starters started flowing out.

The starters was lovely aloo tikki with a great dip and chunky fresh cucumber 🥒
As soon as the the starters had gone we was asked for drink top ups and the mains come flowing out.
We had a choice of vegetarian indian curry or thai chicken coconut curry, i went for the Japanese beef curry. Absolutely fantastic with a sticky white rice 🍚

The additional naan 🫓 was like oooshh

I have to say the food was off the scale hitting the 12 out of 10 mark! The wine is the same they have a wide selection of beers, spirits and wine 🍷 here was drinking a white 19 crimes which is hard to find in the restaurants in torremolinos and its off the scale!
You try should try billies for the great range, tapas and most of all great prices to match the great service. Thank you for star treatment!
We headed round to 3 monkeys for wines and giggles! The club starting to split so a handful decided to do one more in guinns but that extended to pub Branigans as well 😁
Absolutely fantastic day again another week to do what the club is designed for!
Lovely to have a good handful or original returning lunch club members from back in the day!!
Here are the highlights of the day!