Kathmandu Torremolinos


We started the day central in Guinns and I went for one of the amazing selection of craft ales!

Absolutely of the scale ale! The crew was rounded up for 1.30 and we took a few beers in guinns before prepping up to leave for the Kathmandu for 2.30. The service is always good in guinns and a great place to start central. Thank you Bryan & CJ for looking after us!
We moved onto the Kathmandu and was presented with our reserved table and the menus and drinks started flowing fast we went for the slightly upgraded red wine chilled slightly.

And then was presented with popadum and dip which is always fresh and crispy!
I went for the Nepalese Pahadi with lamb and prawns which was perfect as usual with a hot sauce.

It was amazing – all the food was served up to perfection and then we presented with the surprise birthday cake we got for Christine !!

The bills was paid up and separated without a problem. Thank you kathmandu absolutely fantastic food and service!
We moved onto Casa Pepa for the last few drinks and laughs! We had a problem where they wouldn’t split the bill for drinks and some people had cash and some people had cards
The guy was quite rude and let the place down compared to the guy who looked after us the week before when we had lunch here he separated it all this guy was just being lazy but in the end after a few words we ended paying split bills it’s a new restaurant and they need to look at how the staff are operating!!
The days highlights

Fantastic day happy birthday Christine !!

Casa Pepa – Torremolinos


Another fantastic day central with the lunch club! More new venues this week!
We started the day around one in guinns where I took two new craft ales which was amazing and the crew was fully rounded up by half past!

Absolutely amazing beer and a massive shout out to Bryan & CJ and the crew for star treatment the best service.

We had tried to book the restaurant the day before but it’s busy and new said just turn up and we will accommodate the lunch club crew!
So we headed over on time at 2.30pm to casa Pepa and was setup with a lovely seating setup with a lovely cool atmosphere. Casa Pepa is new and central and probably one of the busiest restaurants I’ve seen!
We was soon presented with menus and was told one bill but separated when we pay do no heart flutters! The wine is well priced and a lovely white chilled was served.

We was told no prawns was available which we had set on having which was a bummer! So we went for a steak and a barbecue chicken
We shared the steak which was served with tasty roast potatoes and pepper. The steak was cooked perfectly and was very tender and very filling!! Luckily they forgot to bring out our bbq chicken because we was full from the steak!

Some of the crew got cheese cake and I got donated cuts of it !!! It was awesome

The table was cleared up and the bill was separated and we was given complimentary shots which again I got donated a extra one!

The service and quality of the food and drink was off the scale and the venue is fantastically decorated we would highly recommended casa Pepa! We moved onto to a couple of bars which were both shut for a change of scenery so we opted to go back to guinns for more beer and great service !!!
We had a fantastic day the right venues and people and day can make those memorable days! Fantastic!
The days highlights

Los Valles – El Calvario – Torremolinos


Fantastic day starting in the el calvario torremolinos. We started the day in La Vintage cafe which is a lovely open bright place for a meet and the crew was all together by 1.45. We headed down the road to Los Valles and was presented with our reserved table and served up fast with drinks and a menu.

We asked we could seperate the bill which was a bit iffy but they did!!! Which saves hassle!
We was soon getting served up with food and we started with a king prawn starter

The prawns was lovely and fresh and well sized and tasted fantastic!
We then decided on the steak and the stone which was absolutely bang on!

Everybody was very happy with everything
The service and the food and the price was fantastic the lunch club highly recommends los Valles – thank you guys!
A handful of us headed central and we went to the new la Martina to check out the wine but it’s closed on a Monday so we headed over to the new casa pepa which was fantastic had a few wines and barrel full of laughs!
Here are the days highlights

Lanjaron – Torremolinos


We started the day early this week so we could make the lanjaron for 1.30 as it’s one of the busiest restaurants in the town!
So we started of at 12 in ponderosa restaurant with a lovely white wine and the crew started rounding up. We moved on time for our reservation At lanjaron which is a minute away and was presented with our reserved table.
We asked for seperate bills which was fine. We was asked our order and was presented up with drinks fast.

We opted for a gambas Pil Pil starter which was bang on perfect chilli and garlic, lovely fresh prawns. We had hardly and wait time till we was presented with our main dish, steak on a stone which lovely tender steak half chips and salad and a lovely pepper corn sauce.
Crunchy salad.

We cooked the steak to perfection

The service and food quality can’t be beaten and the prices are amazing!
Thank you to Antonio and the crew for looking after us. We paid up the bill and headed over to plaza andalucia to paddy’s Irish rugby club and set about a bottle or two of white wine!
We was joined by a guy who sang and played guitar so the crew decided to have a dance in the fountain!!!

We had some entertainment from a Spanish lady who was throwing water at people!!
We finished up the day and me and Lisa had one more on the Plaza de Federico García Lorca.
Fantastic day, fantastic food and drink snd company! Here are the days highlights.

Piano Piano – Torremolinos


Great day central we planned to start the day at the Scandinavian bar on the corner which was open when we passed earlier but randomly was closed when we returned so we took a drink across the road in El Gato which was good service and not bad prices. We was running one hour later today as we had to pick up our new tie cards which was just next to calle Casa Blanca so it all fitted in well! The crew started arriving and we had friends from Kirby lonsdale joining us which was great!

We moved basically next door to Piano 🎹 Piano
For 3pm as booked and was presented with our table for 11 and quickly served up with drinks.

We asked if we could separate the bill to avoid heart flutters! And this was no problem.
They took the food orders and the food was served up fast with no hassle, I went for The entrecôte steak

Which was perfect lovely cut and cooked to Jo’s I like. I followed this by a Italian ice cream which was amazing.

We had fantastic food and service with piano piano as usual. Thank you guys!
We moved onto the new bar billies which we didn’t realized it was closed mondays I wanted to try a flight of wine!! So we changed plan amd moved onto 3 monkeys for nice cool and nice priced wine and a few laughs!

We took a bottle in here before the group started to split.

We moved central where the girls took tea

And the men took pacharan!!

Fantastic Day!! The days highlights

Panda – Torremolinos


We kicked off the day central in La Campana which is a cracking traditional bar that dates back to 1957 and they still chalk your tan on the bar! Plus are known for wine barrels and fantastic sea food.
We was early today and the crew started getting together just shortly after 1pm and we had a short visit from friends before taking off towards the bust station to a new venue for the lunch club, Panda Chinese restaurant and arrived on good time around 2.30pm and was presented with our pre booked table. We asked straight away for the separate bills to avoid and heart flutter! The restaurant had no problems with this! We was presented fast with drinks and coolers and ice.

There was no pre order and have to say the restaurant dealt with the order no problem and it wasn’t long for some to start getting the starters from the menu del dia orders.
I love the mixed Cantonese style special fried rice here

Every body was served up and the staff was fantastic, very efficient
The food was bang on and the price I don’t think can be beat it’s mine and Lisa’s favourite Chinese restaurant for sure here in torremolinos. The lunch club was very happy and we would highly recommended panda.
We moved onto bar chill where we started to seperate and then a handful of us headed of to Branigans to make sure we got well oiled and a few laughs! A fantastic end to a great day.
Here are the day highlights

Luna Egipcia – Torremolinos


Another fantastic day with a fantastic crew!
We started the day in plaza andalucia which was nice. I had a few ciders snd the crew was together for 1.30pm
We moved in at 2.30 through the calle San Miguel and headed central to Luna Egipcia restaurant in the central square plaza de la nogalera. We was offered the option to have our seating setup inside or outside. We chose outside as it was shaded and a fantastic day! We was presented fast with drinks, love the Spanish cider here!

we asked if we could seperate the bill which was no problem. We was offered the standard menu to choose from and the waiter explained the menu offerings which was fantastic. We made the order and it didn’t take long for the food to start flowing out I went for the entrecot and salad which was very well priced.

The food and the service and the price was exceptional and the menu had it all I’d highly recommended the restaurant. We moved to vanilla for the last few tipples and laughs!
Again I have to say a fantastic crew and free flowing day with plenty of laughs!!

The days highlights here.

Kathmandu Torremolinos


We had a last minute change with the coach trip arranged for my 50th and my instant decision was local and Kathmandu for sure!! The Nepalese is fantastic and the people and service is the best! So we started the day central at guinns where I can get the best craft ale selection and had a lovely ipa

Today we was joined by my dad for my 50th birthday party and he a had a very good chat to everybody!!!!

And the people started to arrive and was all together before leaving at 2.30 for a stone throw away walk to the Kathmandu.
We moved onto the Kathmandu and was presented with out reserved table and drinks and starters served up instantly!!

The wine is fantastic and well priced and then I opted for the mixed Achari using king prawns and lamb with a hot sauce – sizzling Nepalese dish it’s off the scale to be honest with a hot sauce.

Absolutely amazing I’d highly recommended this. The crew loved this and we will return very soon as we love this place!
We moved onto vanilla for more drinks and lots of laughs!!
Amazing day thank you to the crew for both meals this week for my birthday it’s been fantastic – thank you.
The days highlights

Ciao Italia – Torremolinos


We kicked of the day in one of the lunch club favourites Piano 🎹 Piano, great service and well priced plus while we was here we lined up another day off the lunch club to visit Tomy & Marina!

We rounded up and moved over a stone throw away to Ciao Italia for 2.30pm
We was presented with the pre booked table and served up with drinks fast and a lovely starter.

The menu is really amazing and they offer daily deals plus all the food I seen come out was absolutely bang on I can see why people recommended this restaurant.
I opted for the entrecôte which was one of the best I had! Large and cooked exactly how I like it with a fresh crunch salad.

The price and service and food quality in ciao is off the scale and they separated the bills and give us a free shot! A lunch club 12 out of ten!!
We moved onto the 3 monkeys for a well priced bottle of white to finish the day with the lunch club. Fantastic day with fantastic people.
The days highlights

Restaurante Colonia


We headed central this week and started the day in vanilla bar. We didn’t have as high numbers as usual but still had a fantastic day! We was altogether by 1.30/2pm and moved over to Restaurante Colonia for 3 as we hadn’t pre booked the time!! The staff was fast and we was presented with menus and drinks fast! The wine and food menu was quite well priced and have to say the lasagne portions for 11€ are massive and recommended! I ordered the entrecot steak which comes with fries and a small salad like a coleslaw which was when I added Mayo!

I asked for the steak medium but it was well done and the steak I thought for the money was very small so I wouldn’t order this again from here for sure! Shame great service and prices just let down by one meal as all the other meals seem good portions and prices!
We moved onto vanilla for more wines and a laugh! Nice easy day no problems the restaurant spilt the bill so no complaints!!!
The days highlights