Change of scenery and three new venues for the lunch club! We started of in Bar Los Geranios around 1.30 which aint a bit little traditional bar but you have to wait for your wine and he wasnt up for letting up some tables for the people to sit down insisting they where for people who would eat and just left these empty so we wont return he with the lunch club!!

Not allowed to sit on food tables.

We moved onto tango for our 3pm reservation at Restaurant Tango. We looked at the wine and had a mix up with a bottle of wine where i couldn’t understand the owner clearly and the bottle was 85 euro for a malbec so we managed to stop them opening this so be extra careful here when selecting wine! So we looked at a bottle of crianza which was 24€ which i had purchased 2 days before from dia for 7€ so i just decided wine was to expensive here so i asked for a glass of roble instead which to bo honest wasnt great and was a rioja and thats all i had the whole meal which was against the normal for me!

The Roble or Rioja?!

The menu went out and it was from the grill i usually go for a fillet but at 34€ i wasnt in the game! I do a lot of steak and a lot of fillets locally are around 25€ so i went for the cheaper of the two entrecote 200g steaks at 20€! Which dint fill me and i asked for salad and it came with a kind of cabbage like coleslaw which was ok.. the meat wasnt bad but i asked medium and it was was rare but id given up all hope by then!

Small steak with coleslaw

We finished up with a glass of limoncello and prepared to move on. My bill wasnt mega expensive but due to not drinking wine! This place is ok for tapas but to expensive for a good steak meal ill just go around the corner for a better price. We moved onto Entrevinos vinoteca which i couldnt wait i was gagging for a decent well price wine!

Amazing Variation of wine!

Entrevinos vinoteca is like heaven for the wine lover! We took a fantastic red ronda which was outstanding! We didnt hang around drinking this down!!

Entrevinos is fantastic

Amazing variation of wines to drink in or take away and the cheese and ham is amazing!

Just remember you pay a corkage ontop of the price of the bottle if you drink in!

The group split we headed over central to Pub Branigans made a stop on the way we was all pretty hungry and we made a stop at the new pie shop on in the centre and all had a range of pies which again was expensive but required!!

Pub Branigans last man standing!

A few cheeky craft ales and a few laughs! And dave bought me a cheeky bailey’s! Different location for the lunch club nice flowing day the but the price was well to jacked up im afraid! Although they did split the bill no problem.

The day’s highlights!

The day’s highlights

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