A great day lined up for wayne’s birthday bash!! We started the day in Calle Casablanca at billies piano bar around 3pm which was the wrong time! It was the first day of the competition and it starts at one and finishes at four! Any way the crew started showing around three as planned. Was great being a judge in the billies music competition with aida and william

I had a main for my dinner and have to say the food was absolutely amazing!

The judges
The contestants were fantastic!

So we moved onto our reservation over after Piano Piano and the table was set out fantastic and the drinks started flowing!

The Zin!

It didnt take long for the food to flow out and i went for my usual steak and it was absolutely bang on!!


Everyone was really happy the crew was happy and they sang happy birthday and marina brought out a cake she baked for my birthday!

Yum Yum!

Everyone was more than happy! The food service and price cant be beat at piano piano thank you tommy and marina.

Ace Cake!

We moved onto branigans for last man standing and had a real blast! Things got messy as usual!!

Out with the loonies!

Thank you everyone for a fantastic day!

Thank you billies crew and tommy and marina! Plus branigans crew for looking after us!

Amazing day fun packed!

Here are the day’s highlights

Our video software has gone wrong!!

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