Ciao Italia – Torremolinos

We kicked of the day in one of the lunch club favourites Piano šŸŽ¹ Piano, great service and well priced plus while we was here we lined up another day off the lunch club to visit Tomy & Marina! We rounded up and moved over a stone throw away to Ciao Italia for 2.30pm WeContinue reading “Ciao Italia – Torremolinos”


Sabores Bistro Torremolinos

A fantastic day central for the lunch club! We started the day by rounding up at piano piano with a nice refreshing cider And we started to move over a stone throw away to sabores bistro. This was pre ordered yo make the serve go smooth! I have to say sabores bistro is one ofContinue reading “Sabores Bistro Torremolinos”


Lunch Club Reservations

Hey lunch club crew!! Have a fantastic Sunday! We are all pre booked for tomorrow back in one of the lunch clubs favourites sabores bistro with a special lunch club meal deal special! The food, the menu, the service and staff are of the highest standard! We will see the crew around 1pm @ pianoContinue reading “Lunch Club Reservations”


Serendipia- Torremolinos

Another fantastic day central Torremolinos. We started the day around 1pm in Piano šŸŽ¹ Piano for a couple of tipples with Tommy & Marina and we was joined by Vicky Video from costa del tv which was fun! I did a quick video interview for the club and Vicky talked to the crew! We walkedContinue reading “Serendipia- Torremolinos”


Piano Piano Torremolinos

Another fantastic day!! We started around one in 3 monkeys šŸ™ˆ and had a well priced bottle of white wine. After a jiggle with the tables the crew got comfy and had a laugh!! We moved onto piano piano for half past two and got settled in! Most people ordered fillet steak and some halfContinue reading “Piano Piano Torremolinos”


Coming Together For Tommy.

Recently our good friend Tommy from piano piano took Ill and ended up in hospital in a serious condition. Luckily enough he has got through and now back in the restaurant. I came up with a plan to help fundraise a little extra money to help towards the month they lost money. I supplied andContinue reading “Coming Together For Tommy.”


Sabores Bistro – Torremolinos

Again we had a absolutely fantastic day central Torremolinos We started the day in the Scandinavian bar at the end of calle Casablanca on the corner bar and had the last of the John smith as we have a shortage with the brexit mess etc! No politics zone!!!! Taking some sun on the big terrace,Continue reading “Sabores Bistro – Torremolinos”


Lunch Club – Montemar – The View

Another fantastic day lunes and two new venues !! We started the day in la Vina del ale which has amazing food and wine, mega busy place so they opened early specially for the lunch club crew!!! I have to say the wine was special! The white wine was fresh crisp and chilled perfectly! WeContinue reading “Lunch Club – Montemar – The View”