Coach Club Crew – Nerja


The most amazing day for the lunch club crew! We started the day at 1pm at our pick up point in Plaza de Federico García Lorca at 100 montaditos with a well priced beer or two and had a slightly longer tome as there was a fire on the motorway turn off for the arroyo de la miel so the coach had to take a longer way around so we got picked up at 2.30 and got on our way to Frigiliana and we made our way to el boquetillo and on to the roof terrace for a couple of craft ales.

And took in the amazing views of Frigiliana

We had just over a hour which was great and we headed on down to the coach to make way to La Raqueta in nerja which we landed around 5.30 to take our seats ready for the first batch of food to be served.
Each table took turns to pickup there plate and salad which you could have as much as you like and it was very nice fresh & crispy!

Then we was presented to the table with bbq chicken, burgers, pork, sausages again all you could eat so most of us was over faced!! The second batch was outside eating from 7 till 8 so me and Lisa popped over the road for a quick beer while waiting for the live music from Ricky Lavazza

We headed for for 8pm and had a beer outside with some of the lunch club crew and headed up to watch Ricky Lavazzas awesome show !! Which was splendid

Half way through the show ricky had to move his car so I had a unplanned special guest appearance which was awesome!

We had a fantastic night it was rickys birthday and some other people from the nerjas sides birthday so we had birthday cakes and balloons and fun!!
We headed back to the coach as arranged for 10.30 and unfortunately some people not with lunch club kept us hanging around as they didn’t get back to the coach till 10.50 which was a tad rude! But hey Ho they got a round of applause for making us sit around for them !! We got back to the Torremolinos Plaza de Federico García Lorca for 11.55 and quickly found a bar and filled it with beers and wine and continued to have a laugh!! For another hour before taking off to the house for a well deserved sleep!!
Massive shout out to the coach driver and massive shout out to gill and Peter at the raqueta for making this such a amazing event!! The lunch club crew enjoyed the whole day and we are now looking at creating another spectacular day out for the lunch club crew!!!
Here are the highlights of the day

Coach Club Crew!!! + Club Lunes


Coach Club!
Yes we have our second coach club outing this Saturday we have a carefully planned day and 50 people on our 2nd trip!! Now that’s success!! All you can eat BBQ and rickie Lavazza!!
Also we have by request lined up lunch club for lunes and at full capacity again!!
Lisa sent all the VIP invites!!
Can’t tell you how amazing it’s been for the past few weeks! This is what the lunch club was built on ❤️
See you over the next few days !!!

Sabores Club – Torremolinos


We started the day in RJ’s in Montemar Torremolinos with a well priced bottle of white wine! We rounded up after one snd me and Lisa was on time for a change! Again we was in time for the restaurant which was a 2 minute walk to sabores club. Sabores club is set in a lovely gated complex and the surroundings are amazing. We given the full terrace which was perfect. The food quality and service is the best and consistently good so you know your getting top service. I had the 3 course lunch which was very well priced and the wine was crisp cool and fruity. Served up first with a fresh crispy salad

And I went for the amazing smoked chicken curry and I have to say it was amazing with the coconut sauce and they brought me out some hot sauce which was hot hot hot!!

Lisa went for the light bite chicken dish, now how this is a lite bite I don’t know it was plentiful and the chicken was amazing.

I finished of the three course meal with ice cream which was lovely with ring of flavor on the outside !!

Great that mahesh and Rafa dropped by to say hello it’s always great seeing the guys!
I have to say everybody was happy and enjoyed the food a very happy lunch club!
The full club returned to RJ’s to finish up the day. Absolutely amazing day we have had a amazing few weeks with the lunch club thank you everybody! We are now ready for this weeks coach club outing to nerja which today sold out !!!
Here are the highlights of the day !!

Lunch Club – Montemar – The View


Another fantastic day lunes and two new venues !! We started the day in la Vina del ale which has amazing food and wine, mega busy place so they opened early specially for the lunch club crew!!! I have to say the wine was special! The white wine was fresh crisp and chilled perfectly!
We left for 2.30 and was on time again for a nice change!! We had great service and moved tables to accommodate and drinks was served up fast. I had the home cooked fish chips and mushy peas

Id say a easy ten out of ten !! Followed by apple pie and custard

Again bang on !!!
Lisa had the burger with chips

Again a easy ten out of ten from us both!
Everybody was really happy with the food and service and of course the price and most import the amazing views!
The wine we had was a lovely bottle of white wine which again was fresh fruity, crisp and chilled to perfection. I would highly recommended the view for any occasion and I’ve head the breakfast can’t be beat!!!
We group moved to Tahiti’s before we split for the day – for a couple of well priced beers and luckily a cool breeze!
We left the group with our friends from Calahonda Steve & Kerry and proceeded to party to the early hours and visited piano piano, vanilla and the vintage before hit the beer in the house! Must have been a great night as I managed to loose my phone for the first time ever!! Luckily the lovely staff at vanilla returned it to me !!!
A great day for all – we spent this one day with our friends so didn’t give the same attention to the group! We promise we will have a chat with you all this week and a catch up!! Lisa has sent personal invited for this week!
It’s great getting out with good friends! No messing around I’m not faking !!! 😎

Day highlights

A few updates!


Hey lunch club crew we had finger lickin fun this week at the kippenhuis & Happy Days !!
This week we have two awesome new venues lined up which I’m going to do the groundwork tomorrow and I’ll get Lisa to send the information!!
Also I’m lining up back to our roots club with amazing Sri Lanken food from our original chefs for the week after and we started taking payments for our coach trip outing to nerja on the 28th so we will be advertising pick up points and times this week !!!! It’s all go!!
Have a great week lovely people!!

Chicken Club – KippenHuis – Torremolinos


Chicken club was finger lickin amazing!!
We want to thank happy days for opening up early specially for us! We rounded up around 1pm at happy days and had a few beers and like usual headed over late to the KippenHuis for 2.45 – we was served up straight away with drinks a lovely white wine! After a bit of unnecessary commotion over seating we settled down for some amazing juicy tender spit roasted chicken 🐔 which was amazing! With lovely salad and fries and I went for the mega hot sauce which this time it was blow your face off style!!

Great work guys!!! Ten out of ten!!
We moved back to happy days for beers and laughs!! We had a amazing day thank you to both venues and thank you to the people we had fun with! I do try and put across its our only day off so we like to have fun arguing over seating is a bit overboard and isn’t necessary hopefully people can get over it !!

Chicken club crew !!!
Great to see jillie and friends and happy birthday dianna!

The days highlights

We are now invite only mode we except no people with the lunch club unless they are invited. Sorry for the inconvenience but it could be like this for a few months we are afraid!!

Invite only mode I’m afraid


Slightly earlier than advertised
We just dropped the events calendar
We are now from this week in invite mode only I’m afraid.
We won’t be posting publicly the event location or any information.
People only in the lunch club currently will get invited we have no external invites
We are sorry about the inconvenience but we are protecting the group and want to keep the seamless good people together now. We don’t know how long this is place for but hopefully not long!!
If you have any questions why we have the invite only mode please talk to me or Lisa, it’s something we have never had to put into place but after the few months of hell the group experienced we had no choice to make this enforce!!!
See you lunes with the amazing chicken club at the KippenHuis in Carihuela, Torremolinos!

Invite only mode and this lunes line up !!


Hey crew we have another two weeks before we drop the event calendar and switch to invite only mode. We can’t say how long this will be in place for but we will only be sending personal invites other people will not be allowed to join I’m afraid.
We are currently having the best time ever and we have to take precautions not to let anything change this. So sorry for the inconvenience but this won’t be for long we hope!!

Hey lunch club crew we had the most amazing day lunes in el toro azul and this week we are heading to the carihuela and will be eating in the amazing KippenHuis! They do a amazing spit roast chicken! You get half a chicken and chips for 10.50 with a range of sauces which you can choose on the day – spicy, bbq or sweet! Happy days are opening especially for the crew so we will start and finish the day here!! So you around one in happy days! So please can you let us know if your joining us for another lunch club fun day in the Carihuela !!

Carihuela Crew!!

Here is information for both venues.

Happy Days


Quick Change – Plan B Club!!!


Hey lunch club crew another amazing day lunes and this week it’s looking like we might be activating plan B and pulling in the wine tasting as most of the people who make up our numbers are not here on the Saturday crew!!
So plan B is to run lunes as usual and easily kick of the day around 1pm in mgjamon and then move onto Restaurante El Toro Azu which has a amazing menu and menu of the day! Then finish the day up in the clock tower mew bar central – no pre order but we will have to book the tables so let us know if you want to join us


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