Big Massive Sorry from Wayne & Lisa


Hey lunch club crew hope your having a fantastic Sunday! Again we want to apologize to all the crew for the last minute lunch club coach cancelation it was totally out of our hands. So many people looking forward to this us especially sorry for the disappointment! We moved quick and are arranging a fantastic day for the end of may which is going to be fantastic – lunch club only and pre booked seats 💺
So because of the last minute change we had to act fast soo!… we are meeting central tomorrow in guinns around 1pm and then heading to chino playa for Chinese food first time for the lunch club!
Let us know if your in!
Again we are so sorry and want to express how bad we feel – Gill, Days out andalucia we are so sorry and we have new rules now in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

The Clink Arroyo De La Miel – Benalmadena


Absolutely fantastic day this week with a total change of scenery and venues and new club members! The arroyo de la miel is fantastic.
We started the day in Pueblo Sol bar, fantastic service and some tidy tapas and nice prices!

We moved onto the clink for just after 2.30pm where we met returning member Linda and her two friends which came to join the lunch club!
We was served up fast with drinks and the food started flowing! I got three tapas which I didn’t expect to be so big!! Amazing portions and amazing food and quality!
I the onion bhajis

And the chicken

I also took the Cuban pork which I was to full to eat!! It was lovely and spicy!!
Carol and graham to a cheese board that’s absolutely fantastic!

I have to say the clink is highly recommended- 12 out of ten service and food and the separate bills and actual pre ordering was a breeze with loz and angela. Thank you for looking after us.
We headed over to Sangsters for a few beers and a damn good laugh!!

This day was absolutely fantastic and what the club was created for, wonderful people, laughs, food and memories!
The day’s highlights

Sabores Bistro Torremolinos


A fantastic day central for the lunch club! We started the day by rounding up at piano piano with a nice refreshing cider

And we started to move over a stone throw away to sabores bistro. This was pre ordered yo make the serve go smooth! I have to say sabores bistro is one of the lunch clubs favourites! The venue, the staff, the service is all exceptional. I opted for the 3 course lunch club meal deal. We started with a exceptional red wine.

This really put a smile on my face 😁

And was quickly presented with such a fresh crunchy tasty starter

The starter was yum and then we had the lamb stew on a real perfect creamy mash potatoes, the lamb was perfectly tender cooked.

We finished up this fine meal with a Swiss roll that filled me to the brim!

Fantastic thank you sabores bistro!
The group split and we finished the day with a well priced red in vanilla!

And me and Lisa had to take a pacharan before we crawled in the house!!

Absolutely fantastic 12 out of 10
The days highlights

Lunch Club Reservations


Hey lunch club crew!!
Have a fantastic Sunday!
We are all pre booked for tomorrow back in one of the lunch clubs favourites sabores bistro with a special lunch club meal deal special! The food, the menu, the service and staff are of the highest standard! We will see the crew around 1pm @ piano piano 🎹

Also for the next two weeks after this we have limited numbers for reservation in two restaurants but would highly booking straight away!! Don’t miss your place!
Plus we have a couple of seats left for our Granada coach trip if you want more information on any of this let us know ℹ️

Le Vintage Torremolinos


Great day in El Calvario!
We started the day of in New Irish Jim’s where we get looked after well by kev and Ed! Nice bottle of red wine! Lovely to see Barbara join us. The crew rounded up for around 1pm and we headed over to le Vintage for 2.30pm! We did pre order but we had a bit of a wait this week but it was worth it! We got served up with wine fast

The food was fantastic we went for the pork dish they had prepared for the lunch club which was fantastic!!!
Everybody really enjoyed and said how tender the pork was and tasty 👅

Great day and the group split we went to the square for a couple more cheeky vinos!
Thank you to the people who handed Jim’s and sues bike keys in !!

The Days Highlights

Piano Piano Torremolinos


We started the day in 3 monkeys for well priced drinks and great service – they setup the side terrace for us so was a great place to assemble the club! We headed on down to piano piano for 2.30pm and we opted on a bottle of zin

And I opted for a steak and most people went for the half chicken and chips.
Good to see good friends and new members Susan & Itso join us this week.

We moved onto vanilla to finish up the day!
Here are the day highlights

Serendipia- Torremolinos


Another fantastic day central Torremolinos. We started the day around 1pm in Piano 🎹 Piano for a couple of tipples with Tommy & Marina and we was joined by Vicky Video from costa del tv which was fun! I did a quick video interview for the club and Vicky talked to the crew! We walked over to Serendipia for 2.30pm The restaurant opened specially for the lunch club and the room was arranged for the 20 people reservation. The contact with the restaurant from the run up was very efficient and we double checked we could pay the bills separate so there was no heart flutters!! We was presented fast with drinks out wine was fantastic highly recommended this wine.

All the food was pre ordered and I have to say the menu is Fantastic here! I went for the steak and chunky chips and it was cooked to perfection.

And I tried some of Marys bbq ribs which I have to say was amazing

The menu, the food, the service, the staff and the restaurant are all off the scale I highly recommended this restaurant. Thank you so much we had a fantastic day!
We moved onto vanilla for a few beers and a few laughs! This is what the club is designed for fantastic times!
Thank you Vicky for joining us and we love the song and video you made for the torremolinos lunch club crew!!
The days highlights