Torremolinos Lunch Club

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Cinnamon Club Benalmadena Marina

 A total change of scene and new restaurants this week! Absolutely fantastic! We started on the marina for around 6.30pm to have drinks in Morrisons irish bar which was closed and had a sign saying to use there other bar around the corner so we went there that was shut as well!!! So we decided

Torremolinos Lunch Club Craft Ale Crawl

 Absolutely fantastic day! Every now and then we throw something different in the mix!! So i created a craft ale crawl with seven different bars with amazing beer and food deals along the way!! The day was lined up a follows and we had 12 people and the last bar changed to munchies and there

Ibiza Torremolinos

 A truly amazing night in the Pueblo blanco Torremolinos. The crew started arriving around 7pm and we arrived later after problems in torrox! Se we met the crew at 9pm in havana which they all had a fab times hitting the cocktails and filling up there loyalty cards!! I originally booked for 9 and dropped

Kathmandu + Tony Caggiano

 Absolutely off the scale day the club is peaking at the currently for fantastic memorable moments! We had a night of music planned for the club with one of the clubs favourites billies piano bar! Fresh in on his European tour from NYC america with tony caggiano! We decided to use our easy but favourite

Pizzarette Torremolinos

 Another absolutely fantastic night with the lunch club crew in the Pueblo Blanco Torremolinos such a fantastic place for a night out! This week we started the night in the boomerang bar which has fantastic well priced wine and we got well looked after by Gill! Excellent service and bar. We moved next door to

Munchies Torremolinos

 Another fantastic night with the crew! We had one small problem with a none group member but its not worth the time typing! We had a fantastic night in the pueblo blanco of torremolinos. Absolutely fantastic place booming with international food smells and atmosphere! We started around 7pm in Havana which set us up with

Kathmandu Torremolinos

 Another un planned fantastic night with the lunch club! Id arranged to start venturing the pueblo blanco and thought ibiza would be a good start! Which i pre booked Wednesday but booked the seats to late on sunday and unlike the previous week the was not accommodating at all which was a real shame usually

Ponchos Fuengirola

 Absolutely fantastic day in Fuengirola! The lunch club moves around locally but monday we decided to take off over to Fuengirola to meet dave one of our lunch club crew and take food in his favourite restaurant. So we jumped a train over to Fuengirola which was 9€ for two people return which isnt bad

Quick Update

 People are always wanting to know when the club is running in limp mode they suspect something! So yes as with all clubs you need a leader or leaders to maintain things that happen as when you get groups of people it can run seamless but you will always get a blimp The maintainers have

El Torro Azul Torremolinos

 Absolutely fantastic day! We are back in action! So we started the day central in Guinns where we always get well looked after and i can get my favourite craft ales!! Quite i high numbers and slightly later time which we are adjusting to as the group like this! We had a good few beers