Sierra Nevada Coach Trip


Torremolinos Lunch Club & Pub Branigans have come together for a fantastic Sierra Nevada trip with days out andalucia on the 25th April.

Leave Torremolinos 10.00 to visit Sierra Nevada, Pradollano ski resort. Then onto Granada City. Our final stop on the return journey is The Nevada Shopping Mall. Arriving back in Torremolinos for approx 10.30.

Pick up 10am Torremolinos Central

The price is 25€ and limited seats so if you want to join first come first served I’m afraid!!

New Irish Jims – Torremolinos


Another fantastic day and today we was in our home town El Calvario, lovely place bursting with bars and restaurants. We started the day in La Vintage which is one of our locals, lovely bar owners and lovely spacious room to start the day! Fantastic to see some returning club members. We moved onto The New Irish Jim’s for 2.30pm and Kev and Ed had the room set ready. We quick presented ip with drinks and pretty much straight away the food started coming out! Mainly fish chips and mushy peas and a yummy curry sauce.

And that was a small one!! Absolutely bang on lovely fish – every body was really happy thank you so much Kev & Ed for looking after us! The club split so me and Lisa headed over to la vintage for two or three pacharans! Absolutely fantastic group this week no winging 😁

The Days Highlights!

Mary’s Poem.


A lovely poem from one of our VIP club members – Mary ❤️
Here is my poem, dedicated to Lisa and Wayne!!!!!

The Monday Club is just the best,
Miles better than all the rest
Lisa and Wayne, sort the places
And we always meet new faces
They all come from near and far
And we hit the local bars

Then off we go, to to eat our meal
And we get an amazing deal
Different places everywhere
And lots of stories we do share

I’m glad I joined the Monday Club,
And off we go to the pub
Lisa and Wayne do everything
And it makes my heart sing

So many places we do go
And I really love it so
So, salud, salud,salud
With many thanks to you!!!!!

Mary Mcgreal!!!! X

Lunch Lunch Anniversary


We will be celebrating our fourth year anniversary for the lunch club in may this year! And this is where it all began! I was passing one day and noticed this place was just preparing so I said hello! And was surprisingly replied to in English by Mahesh! And was quickly introduced to Rafael and shown around the new Los Ridos! We immediately became good friends and started to invite our friends for amazing Sri Lanken food. I then had the idea for Monday Club which grew very quickly and ever since me and Lisa have origines this every week!!!! We stayed at Los Ridos until the guys decided to Close sadly and then we got our wings and started to move around! The Monday Club became very popular with local and international people quickly! On our 3rd year we had confusion with people using our name so we made the desicion decision to rebrand to The Lunch Club and created our official website and social media websites! This was amazing for the lunch club and we have organised Coach trips and some amazing days out all over Spain! We have been in the news papers and radio and recently been on Spanish and English television! The lunch club is a amazing resource and life changing for many people! We will continue to dedicate our time to our none profit Lunch Club and still maintain fresh venues and fresh people! We would like to thank Mahesh & Rafael for creating the lunch club with us. Family ❤️

Mercado Gourmet – Torremolinos


We started the day in the plaza indepencia and people started showing around 1pm. Well priced drinks in paddy’s, the Irish rugby club and was presented with some tasty chicken sausages! Bang on! We get well looked after in the Irish rugby club and it’s a great sun spot! We moved a stone throw away to the Mercado Gourmet for 2.30pm and was presented with our 20 seat reservation. I have to say the place is a great place for group bookings, lovely atmosphere and surroundings! Suits the group to a T!
We just had one massive problem which usually isn’t so much of a problem, a usual thing here in Spain and for the lunch club is we mostly in Spanish bars get the bill together and we just simply look at what we ate and drink and split it later! It’s pretty simple but it created a small problem which unsettles our usual flowing easy day! Any way this finally settled and we proceeded to get our drinks to the table! We opted for a very fine red wine from ronda which was exceptional.

And was asked for the food order so I went for a fillet steak and the asked how I wanted it cooking which is always a good sign! We was served up pretty fast and the steak was cooked to perfection would have been better if it just a tad bigger but nothing to winge about!

We worked out and settled the bill easily and moved into the outside market to grab some more ronda wine and a handful of us had some vermouth and headed to Branigans for end of the day laughs and a few beers!! Absolutely had a fantastic day!

Quick note, we will now ask each restaurante if they can split the bill and we will let you know on the invite Incase the makes you fell unsettled in any way. We have to say Monday is our only day off and just want to enjoy our day! Lunch club is not a job and we don’t get paid for this! We just do this to have fun and meet our friends and new people! If you feel you got to come to winge and complain I prefer not at me before my meal it’s rude. Sorry I have to state this! Apart from this me and Lisa had a fab day and I’m sure most of the group did as well !!!!!
Peace ✌️ Love ❤️
And hope
I’m sorry no highlights video this week it didn’t turn out right.

Lunch Club News Update


Quick lunch club update!
Our websites stats are high peaking again this week as the season starts people want to join us! Feel free to message me or Lisa for more information ℹ️
We have high numbers for this week and we have spaces left! Want to join drop us a message we pre order tomorrow 💪
We have a wealth of brand new venues lined up for the next couple of months which we are really looking forward to!
Watch our Facebook or twitter or official website for updates!!

Restaurante Palette – Torremolinos


Another fantastic day in Torremolinos central. We started the day in guinns and got the star treatment! All tables lined up and top quality service! I went for a fine craft ale to start the day

Thank you guinns crew for looking after us! The crew rounded up and we moved on time to Restaurante Palette for 2.30pm and was served up straight away with a good wine.
We asked if we could have separate bills and the restaurant kindly said they would which is good as this can cause problems for some people!?! We was asked for the orders and served up pretty fast considering we never pre ordered! My steak and mushroom sauce was amazing

Lovely sized fillet steak I’d recommend this! Lisa went for the burger and really enjoyed it and it cost only 4.35€ which is a bargain!
Have to say the food and wine and service was fantastic! Would highly recommend this restaurant for any price range, thank you for looking after the lunch club.
The group split some went to vanilla and a small crew of us went to Branigans to finish up the day with a few beers and laughs!
Fantastic day everyone had a great time and no drama!!! Fantastic.
Here is the day highlights

El Bodegón – Torremolinos


Another great day in the center and again another brand new venue for the lunch club! We started our day in guinns which is a great meeting point central and we get well looked after by Bryan and the crew and I like it for the craft ale to start the day and there is no shortage of selection here!

Thank you for setting up the reservation seats guys star treatment every time!
We assembled quite promptly with some great new members and moved on for 2.30pm – we headed to el bodegon and the food and the service was very good, we was served up with a bottle of red wine fast.
And the steak Disnne was awesome.
Well priced central restaurant.

We moved onto Branigans for a tidy red wine to finish the day.
We have some fantastic new restaurants lined up as well as we like to return the clubs favourites in the mix, this is the lunch club favourite way of doing this!
Here are the days highlights.

Valentines Club ❤️


Hey lunch club crew fantastic day Monday with high numbers! This weekend we have valentines weekend and we are cooking for pub Branigans! So Monday we are meeting central at guinns around one and moving into Pub Branigans for 2.30 – we have sous vide aged fillet with air fries and salad for 16,50€ and a pepper corn sauce available for 1.50€ pre orders only. Also we are in Branigans with live music Sunday from 3pm we are cooking sous vide pork and special fried rice and salad for 12.50 – curry sauce available 1.50€ plus this day has live music!!!! Pre bookings again. We have to book before Saturday so let us know if you want to join – there is other food available please ask for details.

Guinn’s Sports Bar
Av. Palma de Mallorca, 11, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga
951 77 66 56

Pub Branigans
Av. Palma de Mallorca, 6, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga
951 25 65 18