Another fantastic day! This week we took to the El Calvario for our first xmas lunch club! We started the day in Los Valles for a few beers for a change which is fantastic as the beer has this great beer systems built in the bar that gives a lovely smooth creamy beer! We started meeting around 1.30pm as we are back on early times now we are not working nerja out of season which is cool!

Los Valles – Lovely Day

We moved over to New irish jims a stone throw away for our special mixed grill lunch club meal kev had lined up for us! Our table was ready and we had a couple of new members join us which was fun! We went on the craft ales and kev has a lovely supply so we had a mixture of the finest craft ales as the day moved on, mainly IPA & Stout!

Kev had prepped and we didnt have to wait long for the food to start flowing out! Absolutely gigantic portions, absolutely amazing mixed grill!

Mega Mixed Grill

It had it all and more!! I loved the ribs! But to be honest i loved it all and actually ate the lot! We had a blast on the karaoke and sang some xmas songs! We usually move on but we just stayed at kevs till the bingo started at eight!!! So a long fantastic day!!

Absolutely fantastic day 12 out of 12

I have to say the food, the service, the price and the whole day was fantastic! Nice work Kev & Ed it was a fantastic day for The Torremolinos Lunch Club!!

The day’s highlights.

New Irish Jims Highlights


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