We started off mid day at 5.30pm in vanilla central this week for well priced beverages! We stayed outside as it was just nice enough to sit out! Everyone was at the bar for 6pm and we had a good yarn while the sun went down.


We headed round to Piano Piano for our 7pm reservation and the table was perfect and the room was cosy the drinks stared flowing fast!

Italian Red

The food didnt take much longer and the steak wasnt bad! few more fries wouldnt go a miss!


The food, service and price was great and not a long wait time considering 13 people but everything was fine no complaints, nice easy relaxed group!! The bills was split and we headed of central!

Fun Times

We dropped by pub branigans for a choice craft ale.


We had a fantastic time and great to have fun new members! This was definitely one of our good weeks no winging just great fun with great people!

Peace & Love!

The Days Highlights.


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