A change of scene before the mostly sell out xmas parties in December!!!! Keep in mind we have a few places left in king of curries but be quick!! Ok so we took to the calvario with pretty high numbers!! And started in new irish jims with a couple of selected craft ales!

We had sun and shade so we took to the shade while people started to show up around 3.30pm

Kev and ed proper look after us and beer is very well priced and we start to head up the hill for our 4.30pm reservation.
We had one extra person which added to our 15 seat setup so gabi set up a extra table and we got a craft ale while gabi set about the drinks orders for this high numbered table.

And the drink orders kicked in so went for a bottle of red which was fantastic!

The food order started and they agreed to split the orders which is a lunch club winner!
Gabi brought extra help in the kitchen to deal with the high number order. We have to remember that this isnt burger king and everything is cooked fresh even the buns are brought in fresh and nothing is frozen and they must stick to the menu.
So the food can take slightly longer for such high numbers with two people working this like we seen in taj a couple of weeks ago!
Eventually the food was delivered and worth the wait our burger was amazing oozing with filling and freshness and the onion rings was just amazing!!! Phils chicken burger was gigantic!

We had a good laugh and got finished up to nip back to irish jims for a swift craft ale before the bingo!
We had a small conversation about changing menus and other things that was basically dribble and one person was rude so i moved then the same person was rude again to lisa
Basically complaining for somebody else and indicating that all restaurants should make things for a customer that are not on the menu or they will go bust which is absolute rubbish and its just ruining the day. Stupid.
Ive talked to gabi and he says he is glad that people was happy apart from a couple and he says they carried out the delivery as fast as possible and wanted people to know they have a set menu and dont make extra items and all the food is fresh and he doesnt use frozen buns.

Please people try to be nice and make sure you dont cause problems for nothing in this case this person does it most weeks which can cause in being discluded im afraid in this case we got a apology which was just half a apology again interfering in something that has nothing to do with them! Sometimes we despair!!
Anyway we had a fab day regardless of the mindless dribble!!!!!!!
Slightly cut down list over next few weeks!
Here are the days highlights!!


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