Special request from returning VIP lunch club members for the lunch club favourite The Kathmandu! So we started central at guinns and i knew guinns would be open so didnt ask which means i didnt indicate the people to arrive which was high numbers!!! But the crew wasnt phased and we just built masses of tables!!!! We started at 5.30pm which is roughly round our slightly later club to fit the working life we have!!
And the club was rounded up around 6/6.15.
I had one of the vast variety of craft ales!

We moved onto our reserved table at Kathmandu which was perfect! And was sat down with drinks and popadoms flowing like instantly! Here we have no problem with split bills and pre ordering h these guys are just professionals!!
21 people ordered and served up with main courses and everyone major happy!! Like heaven sent! I went for the lamb safari nepalese dish for a change which was outstanding!!!

Everyone was more than happy and have to say absolutely exceptional service and quality.
We did ask for a discount for bringing in the crew as most restaurants wont give a thing for the booking organization and review and the restaurant give us a small discount.
We moved onto Pub Branigans for last people standing which was fun!

We had a good laugh and again the lunch club now is just perfection no rough edges!
This is what the club was designed for!!!!!
Great to catch up with switch at the end of the night! Dave was very happy!!!

The days Highlights.


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