Torremolinos Lunch Club

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Sold out three xmas events!! One Left!!

We lined up some xmas events Wine tasting billies piano bar, new irish jims xmas day and boxing day which have all sold out!! We have one more event on the 28th December at the king of curries which has nearly sold out so hurry if you want to book!!! Ho Ho Ho! We still

Kathmandu Torremolinos

Special request from returning VIP lunch club members for the lunch club favourite The Kathmandu! So we started central at guinns and i knew guinns would be open so didnt ask which means i didnt indicate the people to arrive which was high numbers!!! But the crew wasnt phased and we just built masses of

Taj Grill Torremolinos

Another fantastic late lunch with the crew and new members! A new indian curry house in town is great for fresh cooked indian cuisine. We had also pre visited on the wednesday before to try and the food and service was exceptional. So we started the afternoon in mulligans which had a sign up indicating

Restaurante Palette Torremolinos

A slight change of plan this week last minute! With the return of mary a core member we decided on lunch club favourite kathmandu so when i went to reserve the table 20 they kindly let me know they was going on holiday!!! So quick last minute nearby change required! Restaurante Palette was the answer!

Munchies Torremolinos

Absolutely off the scale Halloween 🎃 Night! We had our lunch club tuesday and slightly later in the Pueblo Blanco in Torremolinos with 22 people! We started in havana with fantastic hosts and well prepared Halloween Hosts! Had fabulous table service and well priced drinks and great to see bars getting in the spirit 👻