Absolutely off the scale Halloween ? Night!
We had our lunch club tuesday and slightly later in the Pueblo Blanco in Torremolinos with 22 people!
We started in havana with fantastic hosts and well prepared Halloween Hosts!

Had fabulous table service and well priced drinks and great to see bars getting in the spirit ?
We had 10 members in fancy dress and joined by paul, selina and family and friends some in fancy dress! Happy birthday paul!!!!!!

We played some party games and moved on a stone throw away to munchies to our reserved tables! The children had a chill so they moved one table inside and the crew stayed out on the other table.

We asked to split the bill and offered fantastic lunch club deals which was bang on! The beers and drinks started flowing out and i went for the IPA which was fantastic
Before we knew it the burgers and chicken was flowing and exceptional quality and portions!
Food, service and drink was absolutely amazing and the group split and headed central for more party action!

We drank some more fantastic craft ales and beers in pub branigans and had the most fantastic time!!
I cant say this enough but the change in the lunch club is like being reborn the people now are just amazing and doing what the club was designed and maintained for six years for!
Amazing times, amazing people, amazing venues!
Sometimes we got to roll right through to have the best ?Thank you to the ? crew…..
The days highlights.


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