A slight change of plan this week last minute! With the return of mary a core member we decided on lunch club favourite kathmandu so when i went to reserve the table 20 they kindly let me know they was going on holiday!!! So quick last minute nearby change required! Restaurante Palette was the answer! Which they made the reservation no problem and followed it up which was very professional on the day.
We started around 6.30 in guinns i selected a few fine craft ales.

Always top service in guinns and great to see returning members!
We moved on for five to eight for our 8pm reservation and was greeted to our extra long table!
We was given menus and wine menus and the drinks was out fast

The celeste crianza was a real winner!
We mentioned about the bill split which they said they couldnt do but then said they could which would have been a nightmare in this case but they did it for us!!! Phew!!!!
Didnt take long for the food to come out and it was all proper bang on‼️
I went for the fillet steak and they did me half fries and half salad which was perfect

Everything went smooth and all the food was fantastic and top service.
Absolutely fantastic evening with returning members – priceless we are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lunch club crew!
We finished the night in branigans lots of laughs and good times – the best crew ever!
The day’s highlights


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