Torremolinos Lunch Club

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Kathmandu Torremolinos

Special request from returning VIP lunch club members for the lunch club favourite The Kathmandu! So we started central at guinns and i knew guinns would be open so didnt ask which means i didnt indicate the people to arrive which was high numbers!!! But the crew wasnt phased and we just built masses of

Restaurante Palette Torremolinos

A slight change of plan this week last minute! With the return of mary a core member we decided on lunch club favourite kathmandu so when i went to reserve the table 20 they kindly let me know they was going on holiday!!! So quick last minute nearby change required! Restaurante Palette was the answer!

Torremolinos Lunch Club Craft Ale Crawl

Absolutely fantastic day! Every now and then we throw something different in the mix!! So i created a craft ale crawl with seven different bars with amazing beer and food deals along the way!! The day was lined up a follows and we had 12 people and the last bar changed to munchies and there

Kathmandu + Tony Caggiano

Absolutely off the scale day the club is peaking at the currently for fantastic memorable moments! We had a night of music planned for the club with one of the clubs favourites billies piano bar! Fresh in on his European tour from NYC america with tony caggiano! We decided to use our easy but favourite

El Torro Azul Torremolinos

Absolutely fantastic day! We are back in action! So we started the day central in Guinns where we always get well looked after and i can get my favourite craft ales!! Quite i high numbers and slightly later time which we are adjusting to as the group like this! We had a good few beers

Kathmandu – Limp mode club!

Despite running in a limp mode for the past few weeks and nearly closing the lunch club me and lisa try to maintain we managed to have a fantastic week last week along with another 18 happy people! So.. We are running again this week a late club again and got some fantastic people with

Kathmandu Torremolinos

We had a fantastic day central at the lunch clubs favourite the Kathmandu It was elsas birthday and she chose the Kathmandu! We started the day central in Guinns always top notch service in Guinns so i started with a couple of Mango IPA which is well priced and a lovely beer! We was all

Kathmandu Torremolinos

Another fab day central and we had to visit the lunch club favourite Kathmandu after its amazing refurb. Absolutely fantastic upgrade with its new internal terrace. We started around 1pm central at Guinns, we was looked after by jenni have to say she is absolutely bang no messing about service deserves a reward! So thank

La Vaca Glotona – Playamar Torremolinos

We had a change of area today on a recommendation from two good sources. But we started the day central to make it easy(ish) around one o’clock. We started to round up for 1.30 and thought it be good to start sorting taxis for around 2pm I checked the uber price for four people at

Kathmandu Torremolinos 2023!

Happy New Year from the lunch club! We send best wishes to all people and especially the lunch club crew! We decided for our first lunch club of the year we would pick the lunch clubs favourite restaurant plus its ours as not only do we love the food but the service is fantastic! So