Absolutely fantastic day and high numbers! Central torremolinos we started at Guinns central, i sent the crew a message day the before indicating 30 and hey presto a full laid out reserved table which was lucky everyone turned up so we took the terrace! We started around 5pm as our Kathmandu reservation was 6.30pm. I went for one of the new jazzy craft ales which weighed in at 7% and was absolutely awesome!

Jazzy Ipa

The service in guinns cant be beat and the craft ale range is fantastic! Thank you guinns crew for looking after us 12 out of 10 for sure! We moved on a stone throw away to Our reservation for 6.30pm


Wine & Starters was all out fast!


The nepalese safari was fantastic. Thank you Kathmandu always great food and service.

We decided to head over to see tommy and marina in Piano Piano and got star treatment! There was quite a crew and took half of the restaurant and had a damn good laugh!

With zin things are better.

Absolutely fantastic

Massive shout out to the lunch club crew! The club has a great combination of great people and is currently running smoothly!

Here are the day’s highlights.


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