A change of direction into my home village the Fantastic Village of El Calvario and one of the best days we had absolutely fantastic! We started in Los valles around 2pm

Los Valles

We was a bit cramped inside and out and it started to look a bit grey so we headed of 30 mins early a stone throw away over to new irish jims! We had another sell out and the full room was reserved perfectly and the bills where split and the drinks started flowing kev gets some real nice craft ales in stock and his Guinness on tap is fabulous!

Hop Fiction!!

It didnt take long for the food to start flowing and we had a fantastic roast beef dinner with all the trimmings and the icing on the cake is kevs home made yorkshire puddings that cant be beat!!

Roast Beef Dinner

I went for the small which i have to say there was more than enough! Absolutely bang on roast beef . The food was better than ever and the speed it was delivered was better kev excelled!

The Best quality food at the best price!

Kevs really got a great thing going and works hard to deliver.

One of the best i know!
Nice one kev!!

We moved down to pub branigans for last man standing and we had a fantastic time!

One of my favorite craft ales in branigans

The group had a laugh and again another sell out and absolutely amazing day just what the lunch club was designed for!!! Thank you branigans crew for looking after us you guys are great!

The days highlights:


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