Amazing day central! New venue for the lunch club. We started at 2pm central torremolinos our plan A Luna Egipcia bar was closed as not advertised on google so we moved to plan B vanilla which is guaranteed to be open!! We should just start here as its a great bar but we like variation in the lunch club!

Vanilla Torremolinos Central

The sun was just jutting the side of the terrace so we nipped over the road to samba to get some sun rays on not a bad wine at all!

Samba Torremolinos

We moved on for 3.30pm to La Bodega for 3.30pm for our table reservation and we askef if we could split the bill to the very friendly guy here and he said it was ok and the drinks started flowing out! They never had the portos roble i wanted but for another 2€ the crianza bottle upgrade we got was fantastic!


The waitress was very good and fun along the way! It didnt take long at all for the starters and mains to start flowing out! I had to go with the fillet steak and salad which was absolutely perfect.

Medium Rare ????

The service, menu, price and restaurant is awesome we had a seamless experience and we was offered complimentary shots!


Peggy proceeded to build a shot tower which was a huge success!!!!


We had a small problem when we asked for the separate bill we was told she couldnt and we said we was told we could she said no so peggy started to work out the bill which is a nightmare for the lunch club! We got the money in after messing around and then the guy says hey i said id split it come to the till!!!! Haha OMG! Ahhh well we have to be double clear about this in the future! But saying that a great experience!! We moved onto guinns and i had a fantastic craft ale!!


Thank you guinns crew for looking after us as usual star treatment ⭐️

Absolutely fantastic day!

The best combination of club members can make the most fantastic day!

The club is smooth as a baby how it should be!

We moved over to pub branigans for last man standing!! Lots of laughs!!!!

Fantastic Day!!

Here are the day’s highlights.


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