Change of scenery today for the lunch club crew and down into the Carihuela of Torremolinos. We started up the day in Happy Days around 6pm with a very well priced bottle of red house wine which was very nice. Its nice and cosy in Happy Days and we had a good laugh! Thank you Happy days crew for looking after us!


We moved over to The Kippenhuis for our reservation at 7.30pm with a grand total of 27 people and we filled the inside of the restaurant! It didnt take to long till the the drinks started flowing and we took a house red wine which was very nice!

Red Wine

The salad was brought out and it was a fantastic crispy fresh salad

The food orders started and the chicken started flowing out not a ling wait time at all! We had a selection of sauces i went hot!

The best chicken!!

Everyone was cosy and the kippenhuis has a lot of happy new customers for sure!!

The food and service is the best at the kippenhuis and the best hosts around the Lunch club highly recommended Kippenhuis Carihuela Torremolinos! thank you to the crew who gave us star service treatment lovely cost environment. We moved back over to Happy Days before the group starts separating for more drinks and laughs! Then we moved up to Torremolinos to Piano Piano for more drinks and laughs with Tomy & Marina and the last man standing was Pub Brannigans which is vaguely remember! Absolutely fantastic day with a nice change of scenery!

Chicken licking fantastic day

The Lunch Club really enjoyed the day in the Carihuela. Great to see current and new members having a fantastic time!

Thank you everyone.

Here are the day’s highlights.

Amazing day in the carihuela!

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