Another fantastic day for the lunch club central torremolinos, again another sell out! The main point was Billies which we reserved the whole restaurant for 3pm but a handful had a quick beer at Piano Piano around 2.15pm with tomy and marina and lisa headed over slightly earlier today as we reserved out chairs in billies as most people wouldn’t notice we sat at the bar for the past dinners! Good should job she did it was quite a battle to keep right down to the last chair which was mine!!! Cheeky! Any way after the reserved seat battle we got sat down for 3pm and our complimentary drink came out a lovely big glass of red wine to get us started!! And the food started flying out, had 3 courses and the glass of wine for 15€ bargain no complaints here!! So i started with the gambas which was bang on nice big fresh prawns with lemon and dip!

King Prawn

I managed to get some of lisas soup which was absolutely fantastic!

Leek & Potato

And it didnt take long for the main to start rolling out! I had the steak and ale

Cheese & Onion

And we had a vegetarian option which was cheese and onion pie which was fab! The sweet was a fantastic apple crumble and custard my favorite!!!!

Apple Crumble

We has a fantastic day and all this for just 15€ amazing quality and price lovely work sean with the cooking of this amazing meal! Also thank you to dan for music including sax and clarinet.

Clarinet & Sax

We had a fantastic time and the group decided on vanilla for a good yarn and a laugh!

Good Craic! – Vanilla

Well priced small bottles of wine in here and we moved onto branigans for last man standing with awesome craft ales!!

Fun Times!

The group split and we went to irish jims, kev kitted me and lisa with a corner table and hooked us up with crafts ales and ribs!

Thank you everyone for a great day and thank you to all our venues. Please note you are welcome to contact any of the venues direct to reserve seats www dont do this! But please please please dont try and try to sit in reserved seats its rude!

The days Highlights!


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