Kathmandu + Tony Caggiano

Absolutely off the scale day the club is peaking at the currently for fantastic memorable moments! We had a night of music planned for the club with one of the clubs favourites billies piano bar! Fresh in on his European tour from NYC america with tony caggiano! We decided to use our easy but favourite

Billies Piano Bar Torremolinos

Absolutely of the scale day with lots of fun and surprises! This day was clearly invited as a filming day so we made a list for people sho dont particularly want filming to exclude from future filming events. Ok so we started the day in piano piano for pre party drinks amongst other things required

El Gato Torremolinos

We had another fantastic day fab food and music and we was sunday club!! We started the day in piano piano around 1pm and the group was rounded up for 1.30pm We went for a bottle of fantastic Italian white wine We headed a stone throw away to the new el gato lounge and we

Sabores Torremolinos

Absolutely fantastic day and all within a stone throw away!! Yes the sunday club was elite!! We started the day in piano piano for some well priced drinks and service! We had high numbers again this week with returning club members and regular crew. We was on time for Sabores for 2.30pm and we soon

Billies Piano Bar Torremolinos

Another fantastic day central with the lunch club! We started the day in piano piano around 1pm we went for our favorite italian white wine. We had a great crew plus two new members. The crew had all landed by 2pm and we was hungry so we made a move at 2.20! But then we

Billies Piano Bar – Torremolinos

We had a fantastic day with some of our old returning members which was fantastic this week! We started the day visiting tomy and marina at piano piano to start the day at 1.30 this week. Had a cider or two before we headed over to billies piano bar for a special vip opening for