Torremolinos Lunch Club

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It’s Vietnam Beach carihuela

Another fantastic day with new venues and new people!! We started the day in a cracking bar right next door to the restaurant, if you like a selection of ales you need to take a look at cafe Bรฉlgica they have a lovely selection! The crew was fully rounded up for 1.30pm and the first

26th April – Lunes – Lunch club Carihuela

Another absolutely awesome day planned to perfection ๐Ÿ‘Œ We started the day in the Sunset Inn in the Carihuela with well priced beers and great views of the amazing beach ๐Ÿ we all started rolling in around 1.30 and we decided to move on late as usual to the Bar America at 2.45. Having a

Lunch Club @ The Sunset Inn – Carihuela

This week we decided to cut the term Monday Club from our group and will proceed in the future as the Lunch Club. So this week the Lunch Club Crew started the day in happy days, carihuela Torremolinos. We meet around one we strolled in around 1.30 as we took a quick beer in piano

Monday Club Cosy Corner Carihuela

We started the day for a quick tipple in piano ๐ŸŽน piano and then Uber onto Cosy Corner in the carihuela started the day with a bottle zin!! The service is great at cosy corner and the group was all happy with the food! We moved onto El Mojito and watched the amazing Mama Cath