Another fantastic day with new venues and new people!!
We started the day in a cracking bar right next door to the restaurant, if you like a selection of ales you need to take a look at cafe Bélgica they have a lovely selection!
The crew was fully rounded up for 1.30pm and the first batched moved next door for 2.30 we decided to hang around as the restaurant is small so thought it better to stagger the orders as we didn’t pre order!
We walked over for 2.50 and ordered our drinks which we was presented with a lovely crisp white wine lovely and chilled.

We was then asked for the food order and I had can’t complain about small wait and was presented with a lovely pair of king prawn wrap with a lovely peanut dip which really did go lovely with the fresh crispy king prawn wrap, lovely flavors lime, coriander etc …

We opted for the spicy crispy chicken which was what it said crispy and spicy and very tasty!! I loved the sticky rice and we was stuffed !!

I would highly recommended this dish combination and restaurant. The service was great and the prices was spot on and to consider we didn’t pre order!! But I’m not one of these who just grumble !!
We crew moved onto the happy day’s amd had a great time and the drinks and food and tasty little tapas was great !!!
Great day, great company, great food and drink that’s what the clubs about!!!

Highlights of the day!


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