Central this week was fantastic new restaurant… so we started at ponderosa in plaza independencia at 1.30pm for well priced wine and service.


We moved onto irish rugby club for 2pm for some well priced large wines in the sun and all the group landed.

Irish Rugby Club.

Cheers for looking after us paddy and we moved to our reservation at the new Siam Thai for a lovely thai meal. Lovely interior very cosy. The dips and the crisps came out for everyone apart for us id did eventually when we asked but served to the wrong table! But we hot them in the end! The wine menu come out and the wine seemed slightly over priced but came out fast!

Red Wine Bottle 18€

It took a while for the food which we expect with a group and fresh cooked food but just a little disorganized but id day this is expected as its a new restaurant and they are just finding there feet! Mine was last iut but worth the wait i love the slow cooked beef rendang!

Beef Rendang

All the food was served up and everyone was happy the main lady is lovely and well looked after us one of the serving girls was a bit huffy puffy which was tolerable! Lisa loved the sizzling chicken black bean sauce

Chicken Black Bean Sauce

The group was happy and they split the bills which is great and a complimentary shot of lioncello was great! Great day just some little rough edges and found it a tad more expensive at 50 euro compared to our usual around 40 euro bill. But everyone was more than happy. So we moved on to guinns before last man standing at pub branigans!


We always get well looked after in guinns nice one CJ! Great craft ale snd some sun and we headed for last man standing at pub branigans.

Craft Ales

My favourite craft ale and some good laughs along the way! Another fantastic day for all!

Siam Thai is great for small groups or couples.

Im sure when the restaurant has been open a while it will get the serving order sorted and this will be less stress for the servers.

Not the cheapest but good!

Here are the day’s highlights.

The day’s highlights

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