Are first official starting day of the year for the torremolinos lunch club had to be the Kathmandu Torremolinos! We started the day around 1pm at guinns we get proper looked after here and they stock a massive range of craft beer which i love!

Amazing IPA

The crew was rounded up for 1.30ish and everyone was starving so we was ready to leave for food for 2.20pm!! So we headed on over to the Kathmandu to our reserved table and the starters was straight out!

You cant beat kathmandu dips!

We go for one of the roble dueros which is a fine wine with a good price tag!

Conde de Siruela Roble

The food doesnt have a massive wait time and we was all ready for it!! I ordered the pahadi with a hot sauce, mixed lamb and prawn which comes out sizzling on a bed of sizzling onion and cabbage!

The Sizzling Pahadi

Everyones food was brought out perfectly like always everyone was really happy!

The food quality, service and prices at kathmandu are the best!

12 out of 10!

We moved onto Guinns and went inside for beer as the temperature dropped and we played some pool which was fun! Mary was clearing up!!

Pool Champion

I was recommended a craft ale by a friend which weighed in at over nine percent! But this was good!

Craze 4 Haze!

We had a fantastic time for our first lunch club of the year!! We have some fantastic events lined up for january which we are looking forward to!

Fantastic Times ahead for 2024!!

The day’s highlights.

Happy New Year!!!

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