Absolutely fantastic day!!

We had a last minute cancellation due to illnesses which didnt give us much time for research so i took the gamble on two new venues and a couple of phone calls and we was in the game!!

We started the day around one in Tia Manucho bar just off the centre of torremolinos. Absolutely fantastic restaurant with great prices and service plus some fantastic Argentinian wines available! We went for a bottle malbec which was fantastic with a great price tag!

Bodega Norton 2022 Malbec

The lunch club started rolling up and we had new members plus new members so we extended our reservation which was no problem! We took the whole terrace in Tia Manucho and luckily had quite a mild day with fantastic weather!

Fantastic Terrace

We was rounded up by two and we decided to head over for our 2.30pm at Gran Mundo which was a stone throw away!

We arrived and the table was set perfectly and the bill was split as requested and the drinks started flowing.

Cunes was well priced!

We decided of the better of two meal deals for two which was well priced and the food started rolling out to the menu with some starting prawn crackers and sauces!

Not shy portions!!

The food and service was fantastic, amazing prices and food quality and serve time was perfect!

Everything was fresh and hot

The lunch club had a fantastic time and we loved the food and service!

This is what the club was designed for!

Nice to see some nice new crew and we have a fine tuned hassle free club just flowing along!

Some of the group split and a handful took through a cut through and landed in Irish Jims for a beer and a laugh or two or three!!


The days highlights.

Another fantastic day!!


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