Another fantastic late lunch with the crew and new members! A new indian curry house in town is great for fresh cooked indian cuisine. We had also pre visited on the wednesday before to try and the food and service was exceptional.
So we started the afternoon in mulligans which had a sign up indicating they was going on holiday so we moved smartly to sherlock holmes around 5.30pm which has a great pint of murpheys!

Now we have a plan B venue added for every week for the start bar incase they decide to close last minute!!
Half the group moved on for 6.50pm for the restaurant reservation and the others followed closely.

The table was lined up perfect and the drinks started flowing out small delays as the restaurant was pretty busy but we got there!

The last time visited they didnt have popadoms on the menu but this time some of the crew was desperate for them and luckily they had them on the menu now and they was spot on and the dips was fantastic!
I had the lamb madras Wednesday which was bang on so went for the karahi

The curry was fantastic and the rice and garlic bread are bang on!

This is a new restaurant and they are currently training staff and for a small group they just nail it but larger groups is slightly harder and can het inconsistent food coming out! Its totally normal for me i just wait for others i can see the anxiety and want it there and then!!!
I have to say for me and lisa the food and service is good as we have full understanding of the restaurant being new and may struggle when cooking fresh food with no pre bookings so ten out of ten guys! Thank you for looking after us!
We headed over to pub branigans for last people standing weekly chat and laughs!!!

Again we would like to apologise that we have to move that start time a couple of hours to fit with our working life! We have to remind people we do this for free and sorry if it doesnt fit in the life schedule! For the people who cant come thank you for joining us in the past lunch club days we hope you had fun socializing with the crew!!!
This weeks highlights.


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