Torremolinos Lunch Club

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Quick Update

People are always wanting to know when the club is running in limp mode they suspect something! So yes as with all clubs you need a leader or leaders to maintain things that happen as when you get groups of people it can run seamless but you will always get a blimp The maintainers have

El Torro Azul Torremolinos

Absolutely fantastic day! We are back in action! So we started the day central in Guinns where we always get well looked after and i can get my favourite craft ales!! Quite i high numbers and slightly later time which we are adjusting to as the group like this! We had a good few beers

Kathmandu – Limp mode club!

Despite running in a limp mode for the past few weeks and nearly closing the lunch club me and lisa try to maintain we managed to have a fantastic week last week along with another 18 happy people! So.. We are running again this week a late club again and got some fantastic people with