Torremolinos Lunch Club

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Coach Club Crew – Nerja

The most amazing day for the lunch club crew! We started the day at 1pm at our pick up point in Plaza de Federico García Lorca at 100 montaditos with a well priced beer or two and had a slightly longer tome as there was a fire on the motorway turn off for the arroyo

Coach Club Crew!!! + Club Lunes

Coach Club! Yes we have our second coach club outing this Saturday we have a carefully planned day and 50 people on our 2nd trip!! Now that’s success!! All you can eat BBQ and rickie Lavazza!! Also we have by request lined up lunch club for lunes and at full capacity again!! Lisa sent all

Sabores Club – Torremolinos

We started the day in RJ’s in Montemar Torremolinos with a well priced bottle of white wine! We rounded up after one snd me and Lisa was on time for a change! Again we was in time for the restaurant which was a 2 minute walk to sabores club. Sabores club is set in a

Lunch Club – Montemar – The View

Another fantastic day lunes and two new venues !! We started the day in la Vina del ale which has amazing food and wine, mega busy place so they opened early specially for the lunch club crew!!! I have to say the wine was special! The white wine was fresh crisp and chilled perfectly! We

A few updates!

Hey lunch club crew we had finger lickin fun this week at the kippenhuis & Happy Days !! This week we have two awesome new venues lined up which I’m going to do the groundwork tomorrow and I’ll get Lisa to send the information!! Also I’m lining up back to our roots club with amazing

Chicken Club – KippenHuis – Torremolinos

Chicken club was finger lickin amazing!! We want to thank happy days for opening up early specially for us! We rounded up around 1pm at happy days and had a few beers and like usual headed over late to the KippenHuis for 2.45 – we was served up straight away with drinks a lovely white

Invite only mode I’m afraid

Slightly earlier than advertised We just dropped the events calendar We are now from this week in invite mode only I’m afraid. We won’t be posting publicly the event location or any information. People only in the lunch club currently will get invited we have no external invites We are sorry about the inconvenience but

Invite only mode and this lunes line up !!

Hey crew we have another two weeks before we drop the event calendar and switch to invite only mode. We can’t say how long this will be in place for but we will only be sending personal invites other people will not be allowed to join I’m afraid. We are currently having the best time