Coach Club Crew!!! + Club Lunes

Coach Club! Yes we have our second coach club outing this Saturday we have a carefully planned day and 50 people on our 2nd trip!! Now that’s success!! All you can eat BBQ and rickie Lavazza!! Also we have by request lined up lunch club for lunes and at full capacity again!! Lisa sent allContinue reading “Coach Club Crew!!! + Club Lunes”


Coach Club Crew !!! – Lunch Club

We came we conquered !! We are proud to say our first coach trip was a major success! The combination of the day plan, food, people and venues and drink of course gave us the winning combination!! To The point I was asked how I could beat it!! This is why we have maintained theContinue reading “Coach Club Crew !!! – Lunch Club”


Lunch Club First Coach Trip Outing !!

We just taking bookings for the lunch club crew for our coach day trip to the lakes!! 30e a head includes transport to lakes for a hour, then Carratraca for 3 course including bread wine etc the transport back. Leave Torremolinos 1 pick up point. Then drop off Torremolinos for last drinks of the day!!Continue reading “Lunch Club First Coach Trip Outing !!”