Breaking Monday Club News!!


Hey Monday Club Crew!!!

This week we have sabores which I’ve organised a meal of the day by demand of a couple of new members!
We will see some more of our members this week now the borders are open !!!!
And also Talking of the borders being open I’m just lining up the next month. I’ve added some new venues requested for next month and the month after I’m going to add some more new venues!
So as well as some new venues…

La Bonita – The Carvery
Oharas – Ponchos
Happy Days – Sunset Inn
Tequila 3 – Indian City
Ibensa Bar – Panda

We can look on the day at organizing the after venues in hope of keeping the crew together! Suggestions please.

Anybody in the Monday Club can run the review which is featured on the website on any week, if you would like to a review let me or Lisa know which week.

We hit the radio website this week which you will find a link here and also wiring to be reviewed in the local newspaper!
If you would like to review the Monday Club please feel free to contact me or Lisa.

The Monday Club

If your looking at joining the Monday Club or having the Monday Club join your venue please feel free to contact us.

We are the original Monday Club here in Malaga established 4 years!
Don’t be confused by imitators!!!!

15th Feb – Monday Club! The Florin Torremolinos


Another absolutely amazing day!
We started the day in Happy days and managed to catch the sun with a nice couple of cans of John Smiths. We was late as usual and Mary had two wines while she was waiting! All the crew arrived before two and Jim turned up with a bag of fruit from his garden and he gave us a couple of rather large lemons from his gin tree!
The group headed over to the florin and we got cosy in the terrace of the florin. We was presented with drinks promptly, really good red wine very smooth and fruity!
We didn’t wait to long as we had pre ordered the food for this day. We had the Beef Rendang which was amazing. Lovely sized portions plus the chilli sauce was perfect for the heat seeker! We had four extra great friends drop by for beers and they was accommodated nicely which was great! We then lit up the surprise birthday cake for Fanny Rashes birthday and sang happy birthday !!!

We finished up with thanking Barry the chef.
The plan was to move next door to euro bar but it was closed but we got a call from our four friends who joined us and they indicated they was at the casa pascual and it was a sun trap !!! Soooooo
We all headed around and got tables in the sun and we ordered some bottles of fine red wine 🍷 we had a great laugh out in the sun with all the lunch club together this is the best way to finish the day!!!
Me and Lisa took off to piano piano for one last red wine, in fact a lovely glass of zin!!
Absolutely Fabulous day again !!

Sri Lanken Monday Club – 8th Feb


Monday’s Sri Lanken day was amazing !
They day began in Plaza de la independencia, Torremolinos Central and decided on the Rugby Club and we got the best place we could in the square or is it a triangle?! Had a few beers at great prices in unbelievable sun and lovely views. We was well looked after the staff at the rugby are great and keep you attended! By the time the full club arrived we was ready for Sri Lanken delights at Branigans!
Ole had laid out the bar perfectly and the cooks where ready to serve up! The team combination worked amazing the drinks was swiftly served up with a variation of wine available at great prices and Branigans has a great variation of beers and craft ales and great selection of back ground music. I really admire the guys from Los Ridos they serve up the best food and Monday they hit the target my dish was lovely and warm and the right portion for me on a Monday. I do take my hat of to these guys for getting the food out at this speed and quality. It’s a honour to have our own niche Sri Lanken food which you won’t find anywhere he on the coast and at 10 euro a dish who would be crazy enough to moan!!! I loved the ambience and the layout was great to have a good chat and a laugh!
We usually finish up in one last bar so the crew proceeded to next door to Matahambre where they have some real delights and just a lovely environment. You can buy cost effective wine through to a real nice tipple ! We went for the nice stuff!! And this is the best part of the day to hand the best laugh between the group I wouldn’t miss this part if you paid me! Priceless great laugh and certainly the icing on the cake – a memorable day for sure thank you to all the venues and members who just shot through on this day.

Monday 8th February


Boneless chicken curry cooked in coconut milk with sri lankan spices, sweet potato curry with roasted curry powder, coconut sambol, carrot and cabbage tempered, vegetable basmati rice.. 10 euros a plate.. Served with spicy accompaniments and papadom.

Not to be missed we will be meeting in plaza de independencia around one and onto Pub Branigans for 2.30pm for Sri Lanken delights

Strict Booking.

Piano 🎹 Piano – Monday Club


Another amazing Monday Club

We started the day in Torremolinos central in Pub Branigans as we wanted to Congratulate Ole for his 32 year anniversary for being open plus we was lining up next week for our lunch club with Mahesh and Rafael with amazing Sri Lanken food! We took a few beers on the terrace and the crew then headed of to piano piano 🎹
We took our choice wine 🍷 zin outside on the terraced until invited in for the three course meal. We started with our first delicious wine along with some piadima which where delicious little pouches with various filling these was yum!! And we then moved onto to another fine Italian wine which very nice and a very tender chicken with a peppercorn sauce and lovely roasted potato now this was my favorite dish it was lovely! Then we moved onto another fine Italian wine which was amazing! The last dish was very tender ribs on a cheese, tomato on corn flour you either like the corn flour or you don’t! Everybody loved it I’m not keen on it but I ate the ribs that was lovely very tender and tasty 😋
We finished of the day with a pacharan and another Two bottles of zin!!!!!! That’s between four by the way!!!!
We usually move on but we just stayed the day as we had such a great time and was concentrating more on the drinking 😁

Piano 🎹 Piano excelled in quality, service and price – ten out of ten

Che Bolu – 25th January


A truly amazing day for the crew!
We had a really strange week and we started of by having a late cancelation from botanical club as we was meant to be holding out Monday Club with these in El Mojito which was a right pain after we don’t the advertising and been round all the members but this was the first time in 3 years this had happened so we moved to plan B quick and rang 3 monkeys which was fine as it was Thursday doesn’t give us a lot of time to change all the venues! We did indicate we would try and drop by for a beer but we are working so we would see! So we then spent another half day changing and inviting !!! Then you wouldn’t believe it …. Sunday I gets a message that they cancelled because i didn’t drop by for a beer!!!!!! I’m like OMG !!! Absolutely unreal !! So cancelation number 2 all in one week !!!!!! I was working on a show so I had to think quick here! Who is rock solid and can take the club with no messing about!? Che Bolu springs to mind!!! So another half day sorting the club again and luckily because of the change only two members pulled!! So…

we met in campaña in Torremolinos central fine wines, moscatel and vermouth!! At very nice prices and moved onto Che Bolu for 2.30. Me & Lisa had the pork sirloin skewer and fries with a real fine bottle of protos, the wait time is about 40 mins as it’s cooked the barbecue so you really do look forward to the food coming but it’s well worth the wait!! We tried some of Michelle’s 4 cheese pizza and man you can taste the Roquefort!!! Lovely.
We moved onto plaza andalucia and setup camp in  El Recreo where we proceeded to nail in 3 bottles of red wine between four of us!!! And was served up with a amazing freshly made garlic bread every 10 minutes !!
I have to say despite being messed around so much the end result was amazing  defiantly a 12 out of 10 for the full day for service, drink and food and the crew was just the best we had a scream – Monday is definitely the best day of the week!!


Namaste – Monday Club


This Monday we took off to the ibensa area of Benalmadena and we started the day in the ibensa bar. We get star treatment in here and the beers the price you’ll find! Nice big terrace so plenty of room for social distancing in the current climate! A couple of new members this week great to me Carole & Graham! Welcome to the lunch club!!
We moved onto namaste for Indian cuisine and fine wine! The best service and price here. The club feedback was 12 out of 10 and the restaurant gained some new clients for sure!
I highly recommended the sizzling chicken tikka !! Also thank you to the restaurant for looking after Tilan, she doesn’t eat curry and they made her chicken nougats and chips plus she got the Mayo and tomato sauce !!!!
We finished up the day in the ibensa polishing of a couple of bottles of red wine 🍷 thank you lunch club crew for such a great day !!

Monday 11th January. Monday Club


Great lunch club !!
The crew met around 1pm at bar ibensa, really the prices can’t be beat here! Great terrace and great staff and we managed to squeeze a bit of sun!!
we moved onto panda Chinese restaurant for 2.30pm and was well looked after and the food prices can’t be best with 3 course menus starting at 5.50!! Mid priced wine was great and had the best service !!
we all decided on returning to bar ibensa some of us slipping into the English super market to get some English delights !!
finished of in ibensa with wine prices that can’t be beat !!!!!

The first lunch club of 2021 – Casero


Amazing day the club started of the day at piano piano to sample some fine Italian wines! We always get looked after by Tommy & Marina and sampled some fine red wines specially one of our favorites a fine red wine called zin!

we moved onto casero where we get star ⭐️ treatment every week eating fine mediterranean cuisine. The food and service here is of the highest standard and very close to the centre of Torremolinos.
Casero is highly recommended by the Torremolinos Lunch Club !!

The crew decided to head back to piano piano to take some more of the fine red Italian wines and good times.

here are some links for casero

Casero apartments

FaceBook Page

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