We had a fantastic day in the Benalmadena!
We decided to cut back till after xmas with the disaster day and just invite main core members until then although we have four invites which we honored so expected low numbers but a healthy 22 people turned up for the amazing food at potters lodge. We started the the day in ibensa around 1pm and the crew was all in the bar by 1.30 had a few well priced ciders and a catchup! We headed around to potters lodge for 2.30pm and had the whole restaurant reserved and we was setup with drinks straight away.

We had pre ordered the day so the food was straight out for the people who pre ordered. I went for the ploughmans lunch which was amaxzing.
Everybody was happy with the food no complaints!! But the food and service is the best you can get! The lunch club highly recommend potters lodge! We went over to Olson’s to finish up the day with the crew and had a good laugh and a nice bottle of white wine.
Absolute fantastic day this is what the lunch club is designed for just a clean sailing great fun day with nice people, food and drinks!
Welcome Mitch and Michelle to the lunch club crew! We are still running a cut down version of the club so VIP watch your inboxes!
The days highlights


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