Our first main lunch club for just over a month as we have been low numbers with the heat here we have been low key and making the decision on the day of restaurant mainly being the amazing Kathmandu. Every week has been a fantastic day and mainly what the lunch club was designed for great food, company and a good laugh! So that was just fantastic.
This week we decided on a new Mexican which like all venues me and lisa test so there is no problems, this is just a small part of the work we do for nothing in our own personal time in the background for the lunch club! So we had a fajita sizzling which was amazing with a bottle of wine which was amazing but please keep in the picture this was two of us not 17!
So we started at 100 montaditos for a few well priced ciders while the crew landed around 1pm we moved a stone throw away to a setup reserved table set out and a extra table to cater for the extra, setup with dips for free.
We was served up with drink fast

and we asked to separate the bill which was important so they did it to each table of sets of four which was great as most restaurants here in spain wont separate the bill you just do this yourselves its pretty easy to be honest!! But any way they did and then we had a long wait for the food which i expect for freshly cooked food with no pre order if it was a pre order it would be ready faster but one chef cooking for 17 people i would expect a wait for sure, this is where the rudeness set in people banging forks on the table saying why are we waiting which is disgusting behavior and rude. The food eventually came out and we got our fajitas which this time wasnt sizzling but i wouldn’t complain about this on my day off im just out for food, drink and a laugh!

The food for me and lisa was fantastic we just got on with our food while we had one person saying it was disgusting but then ate it all one person saying there was cold one person screaming and shouting at the waiter i was just like really!
Ive never been so embarrassed im not sure but me personally i just go to the counter of the establishment and talk decently to the restaurant with my problem rather than disrupting or burdening other people with my problem, why would i want to ruin other people eating experience thats not my style.
So we finished up quickly and indicated we wont be running the club anymore its really not worth it we dont come out for this!!
We moved on with a handful of people and did what the club is designed for with core members – had a drink and a laugh!

So from this experience we have decided to honor the bookings for the club but just run with resident main core members so we have stopped external invites and we have honored a few of international people in this week.
We dropped the whatapp group and will just be going personal invites, there was people on the list who dont attend the weekly meetings so its for the best and now its more work but more set just for core members which we prefer. We will run like this for the next few months and see how we get on.
We can only ask or lunch club members in future please not to bang forks and scream and shout at the table or sit there moaning to the group or me and lisa about the food and have respect to get up and talk to the establishment in future as anybody else acting in this way will get struck from the new private core member we have created. Trying to ruin the clubs day or others people day isnt in the design!
We would like to all the international visitors we had join the crew we hope you enjoyed spending time with the torremolinos lunch club.
So the toned down club carries on smoothly and main core members will get personal invites for the next months weekly outings with the lunch club!! Onwards and upwards.

Hats off to you all!!


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