Another absolutely fantastic day central and a new restaurant again!!
We started the day around 1pm at guinns and again got the star VIP table reservation thank you Bryan & CJ top end hosts
I started the day with a fantastic ipa

And the group started rounding up between one and one thirty!
We moved on time over to the Restaurante Chino Playa for 2.30pm and was presented with a perfectly reserved table line up and the menus came out fast. We went for a well priced bottle of red wine.

Then we was presented with a nice starter while we waited for the main courses.

I had the prawn Thai soup which was amazing and the special sizzling spicy king prawn and rice.

It was fantastic!
Everybody was served up fast and we had seperate bills done by the restaurant do no heart flutters! The girls had a fantastic time!

We moved onto vanilla for a few drinks and laughs, most of the crew came which was fab.

Again a absolutely fantastic day created by the people another fantastic memorable day.
Thank you to everybody.

The days highlights


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