Another absolutely fantastic day! We changed the original line up as yo many obstacles to arrange, pre order, high priced food and deposits required was just like something we just don’t want to get involved in shame really! But we changed quickly to the Kathmandu where we don’t have any of these obstacles a real professional restaurant to work with!
So we started up the day in Guinns around one and had tables lined up for us. The service and staff is fantastic in guinns thank you Bryan & CJ for making this seamless
So I went for a new ipa by attack which I spotted as it looks almost similar to my rubber soul!

And we moved onto Kathmandu for 2.30pm.
We was presented with our pre book seats which we gave the numbers in the morning absolute professional outfit.
Drinks came fast and popadum starters, we go for a fantastic red they do which is real good and a real good price.

We was soon served with the main dish and we always go for the Nepalese food its absolutely amazing. The mixed Achari for me and chicken Safari for Lisa both sizzlers!
Off the scale food I’d highly recommended this restaurant. Thank you Kathmandu for 12 out of 10 service and food.
We moved onto vanilla to catch some sun and have a laugh with the lunch club crew!
Again I have to say the day was amazing the people make this and we just had the best people to make this.
The days highlights


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