We will be celebrating our fourth year anniversary for the lunch club in may this year! And this is where it all began! I was passing one day and noticed this place was just preparing so I said hello! And was surprisingly replied to in English by Mahesh! And was quickly introduced to Rafael and shown around the new Los Ridos! We immediately became good friends and started to invite our friends for amazing Sri Lanken food. I then had the idea for Monday Club which grew very quickly and ever since me and Lisa have origines this every week!!!! We stayed at Los Ridos until the guys decided to Close sadly and then we got our wings and started to move around! The Monday Club became very popular with local and international people quickly! On our 3rd year we had confusion with people using our name so we made the desicion decision to rebrand to The Lunch Club and created our official website and social media websites! This was amazing for the lunch club and we have organised Coach trips and some amazing days out all over Spain! We have been in the news papers and radio and recently been on Spanish and English television! The lunch club is a amazing resource and life changing for many people! We will continue to dedicate our time to our none profit Lunch Club and still maintain fresh venues and fresh people! We would like to thank Mahesh & Rafael for creating the lunch club with us. Family ❤️


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