Another fantastic day!
We had quite a few pull this day due to covid new covid passport rules and lost around five people which wasn’t great for the restaurant but we did explain this can happen. We are really sorry if this don’t happen but it’s out of our hands.
We started the day around 1pm in Montemar, Torremolinos.
We started the day in sol de beirut and most of the club was at the meet for a few wines and a catch up.
We moved on to the new Italian restaurant Sale & Pepe and had to use the new covid passports which has been enforced but doesn’t work properly yet!!
We eventually got the full crew together and got seated and was served fast with drinks!

we had pre ordered so the starters was dished up quick!
We had the steak deal so got the croquet starters which was bang on!

We was asked how we wanted our steaks and didn’t have to wait long for a fair sized entrecôte which was bang on again very well sized portions!

And then we was presented with our desert which was absolutely delish! Never had this before but loved it!

Thank you very good service and prices
We would like to wish you good luck with the new restaurant!
We moved onto keaneys for a bottle of wine before ubering up to piano piano to see Tommy and marina.
Another fab day !!!

Here are the days highlights


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