We had a few questions on a email this morning regarding the lunch club. Here are some answers!

How long has the lunch club been running? Roughly 4 years now
Who created the group? Me & Lisa created the group in Los Ridos and have managed and maintained the group for four years.
Are you Monday Club? We was originally Monday Club but to stop confusion we rebranded to The lunch Club around a year or so ago.
How many members do you have? We roughly have around 25 people who come every week who change each week, we have international returning members and would guess around 150 different people who have attended I’m going to build a database
Do you make any money from the lunch club? No we don’t make a penny it basically costs us to pay for the website and hosting etc, cards and other things we pay this out if our pockets. Some of the restaurants give us a bottle of wine for bringing in the club so in return I give them a in depth review. But we are none profit.
Is there a fee to join? No
What’s age group ? Any age to be honest we have all ages
Couples or singles? We have singles, couples groups anything is fine!
Can we recommend restaurants and bars? Yes please do
How often do you meet?
We meet every Monday and this could be lunch club local or a day coach trip outing
How do we find our what’s going on? We can either WhatsApp you or Facebook messenger and you can ask through live chat on the website or on the events tab on the website
Any more questions please feel free to message me or Lisa
Torremolinos Lunch Club Founders & Maintainers.


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