Monday’s Sri Lanken day was amazing !
They day began in Plaza de la independencia, Torremolinos Central and decided on the Rugby Club and we got the best place we could in the square or is it a triangle?! Had a few beers at great prices in unbelievable sun and lovely views. We was well looked after the staff at the rugby are great and keep you attended! By the time the full club arrived we was ready for Sri Lanken delights at Branigans!
Ole had laid out the bar perfectly and the cooks where ready to serve up! The team combination worked amazing the drinks was swiftly served up with a variation of wine available at great prices and Branigans has a great variation of beers and craft ales and great selection of back ground music. I really admire the guys from Los Ridos they serve up the best food and Monday they hit the target my dish was lovely and warm and the right portion for me on a Monday. I do take my hat of to these guys for getting the food out at this speed and quality. It’s a honour to have our own niche Sri Lanken food which you won’t find anywhere he on the coast and at 10 euro a dish who would be crazy enough to moan!!! I loved the ambience and the layout was great to have a good chat and a laugh!
We usually finish up in one last bar so the crew proceeded to next door to Matahambre where they have some real delights and just a lovely environment. You can buy cost effective wine through to a real nice tipple ! We went for the nice stuff!! And this is the best part of the day to hand the best laugh between the group I wouldn’t miss this part if you paid me! Priceless great laugh and certainly the icing on the cake – a memorable day for sure thank you to all the venues and members who just shot through on this day.


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