We kicked off the day with a John Smith in piano ? piano and ordered a Uber over to the Benalmadena for the Los Porches Monday Club !!
We started the day in tequila 3 where we get well looked after not only great beer and service and laugh and they had a small store selling scented candles and a raffle which was great ! They give us some shots free as well! Monday Club loves tequila 3!! We moved onto Indian city – I have to say I love the food in Indian city it’s the best! My lamb madras was divine!! Great staters and the onion bahjji was great! We didn’t go for the free cheaper wine we took a nice bottle of roble which was absolutely amazing well priced as well.

The service was great I was amused when I asked the girl to split the bill and she didn’t know how!! Maybe in the wrong job ? but you get well looked after by Raju his food is really amazing I use this place a lot it’s real good ?
We moved onto the Bull Dog bar again getting great service and well priced wine ? cracking little bar !! Nice terrace positions and the lunch club crew proceeded into the kids play park !!!

We finished the day with a Uber ride over to el calvario square for a mega expensive glass of wine although it’s expensive it’s the best I’ve had!! Monday is a day for us to enjoy food and drink delights so we don’t cut corners!!!

Los porches Monday Club kicks assss!!


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