We started the day in the plaza indepencia and people started showing around 1pm. Well priced drinks in paddy’s, the Irish rugby club and was presented with some tasty chicken sausages! Bang on! We get well looked after in the Irish rugby club and it’s a great sun spot! We moved a stone throw away to the Mercado Gourmet for 2.30pm and was presented with our 20 seat reservation. I have to say the place is a great place for group bookings, lovely atmosphere and surroundings! Suits the group to a T!
We just had one massive problem which usually isn’t so much of a problem, a usual thing here in Spain and for the lunch club is we mostly in Spanish bars get the bill together and we just simply look at what we ate and drink and split it later! It’s pretty simple but it created a small problem which unsettles our usual flowing easy day! Any way this finally settled and we proceeded to get our drinks to the table! We opted for a very fine red wine from ronda which was exceptional.

And was asked for the food order so I went for a fillet steak and the asked how I wanted it cooking which is always a good sign! We was served up pretty fast and the steak was cooked to perfection would have been better if it just a tad bigger but nothing to winge about!

We worked out and settled the bill easily and moved into the outside market to grab some more ronda wine and a handful of us had some vermouth and headed to Branigans for end of the day laughs and a few beers!! Absolutely had a fantastic day!

Quick note, we will now ask each restaurante if they can split the bill and we will let you know on the invite Incase the makes you fell unsettled in any way. We have to say Monday is our only day off and just want to enjoy our day! Lunch club is not a job and we don’t get paid for this! We just do this to have fun and meet our friends and new people! If you feel you got to come to winge and complain I prefer not at me before my meal it’s rude. Sorry I have to state this! Apart from this me and Lisa had a fab day and I’m sure most of the group did as well !!!!!
Peace ✌️ Love ❤️
And hope
I’m sorry no highlights video this week it didn’t turn out right.


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