We dont get a lot of questions with the lunch club as we just communicate on the days with core residents members but we do get asked questions usually from the drop in visitors which is fine! Here are some questions and answers from mondays outing in torremolinos

Do you have a suggestion box?

No we just talk to each other on our weekly meetings we dont find it not very convenient to carry around a box and find its easier just to talk to each other.

Does the lunch club ever do evenings?

The clue is in the name! We are the Torremolinos ‘lunch club’ we run around lunch time and never in the evenings. We sometimes change the day to suit but no we will be staying the Torremolinos lunch club.

Does the lunch club ever move around?

Yes we move around all the parts of torremolinos and also we go to benalmadena, arroyo de la miel and ibensa plus we sometimes organise coach trips and we have visited carratraca, ronda, frigiliana and nerja!
We dont visit fuengirola as we dont see the point in wasting the day traveling when we can do what the day is about which is socialising!

We dont mind people arranging there own clubs but we prefer if you seperate this from our lunch club and as we only have our meetings for lunch club meetings we wish you good luck with this.
Whether it in joke or drink you will just not be invited this is not accepted by our lunch club. Anymore questions please feel free to ask but please do think about these first ?

Wayne ?


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