We have had a fantastic year so far with the lunch club and great to see new people as well as our foundation members and returning members!
We have been pretty busy in our own lives and want to remind people we do this for free! So sometimes the review might not happen till the week after! We are trying to pick venues that dont need pre order food which is a real pain! This month we have fully booked with out pre orders we just pre order the seats which is better! Complaints we always ask the crew not to complain to lisa and only to the venue please at the moment we just have one member that complains every week so we warn the restaurant about this before we book instead of striking them off.
If you would like the lunch club in your venue please feel free to message for details also if you want to join its free and we meet every week over five years established – we are very popular and many try to copy which is flattering!
Lunch Club Crew – Torremolinos


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