We had a fantastic day in El Calvario and had a collaboration with SousVide2Go & Siete Tablas which was a amazing Siete Tablas Pate Starter followed by a SousVide2Go aged fillet steak accompanied by Siete Tablas Spanish Potatoes & Fresh Crispy Salad, Peppercorn Sauce by Piano Piano & Variation of Siete Tablas Sweet Deserts. Absolutely amazing combination!
The club started around 1pm in los vales for pre lunch drinks and headed up to to Siete Tablas for 2.30pm to the lunch club reserved table and the drinks started flowing out and followed up by a delicious pate starter. We was preparing the SousVide2Go food plus the siete tablas dishes

Then we started flowing out the medium rare aged local fillet steaks which was absolutely perfection.

Absolute perfection steak and worked perfectly with the siete tablas combo! Thank you to all the people who enjoyed and thank you for the compliments there are some good people in the crew. We finished up with various siete tablas deserts which i took a bit of cheese cake with a baileys which was fantastic! Amazing day we will be arranging another day next month but this day will be limited and only VIP invites im afraid!
We finished up the day in siete tablas which was great. Nice to be joined by new members.
Great day in el calvario.
If you ate interested in SousVide2Go cooking in your venue feel free to contact here
The days highlights


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