A lovely change of location this week up into the calvario in torremolinos. We started at one of our usual start bars in El Calvario Los Valles, but it is was fully reserved but no drama we just took the whole terrace outside! And we had lovely weather. We usually have IPA here but they switched the tap to negra so we swerved straight on to the roble red wine which is fantastic! People started rolling in and we had a complete group apart from a handful waiting in the restaurant. Again we had a handful of new members who was really nice and enjoyed the day. We had a couple of wines and headed of to Siete Tablas for 2.30pm which was a stone throw away and this was a special menu that was pre booked and specially made for the lunch club.
We was presented with a full laid out table and we asked if we could separate the bills so no heart flutters! And this was no problem!
We was presented fast with our complimentary drink with the meal we ordered which was a house red and was fantastic and the cheese boards starting flowing out

Followed by the mixed meat board.

And then the Pâté came out we was like wow!! Absolutely off the scale!

By this time we had drank our complimentary wine and moved onto the recommended bottle of red wine we had reserved. Top recommendation absolutely smooth and red fruits and tangy oak with hints of blackberry.

By this time every was pretty much full and saying how amazing all the mixture of food was.
I told them this was the starter and we had a siete tablas special pie to come and i could see peoples jaws drop thinking how the hell im i going to squeeze this in !!!!! Well out come the special pie made up of slices of chicken and slices of potato and a lovely creamy topping.

Everybody was like really this is off the scale and all the pies was devoured even though we couldnt fit in much more!!!!! Fantastic!
We thought that was it then we got another set if plates with the most fantastic selection of cakes.

There was no way i was squeezing one of these in! But… i tasted the black current cheese cake which once you took one spoon the full lot had to be taken its was absolutely fantastic!
The service and food quality in siete tablas is top end and all the lunch club said it was fantastic!
We finished up the day with a pacharan or two!

Thank you siete tablas the service is of VIP quality the lunch club highly recommends siete tablas.
Here are the days highlights


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