We started the day central in Guinns and I went for one of the amazing selection of craft ales!

Absolutely of the scale ale! The crew was rounded up for 1.30 and we took a few beers in guinns before prepping up to leave for the Kathmandu for 2.30. The service is always good in guinns and a great place to start central. Thank you Bryan & CJ for looking after us!
We moved onto the Kathmandu and was presented with our reserved table and the menus and drinks started flowing fast we went for the slightly upgraded red wine chilled slightly.

And then was presented with popadum and dip which is always fresh and crispy!
I went for the Nepalese Pahadi with lamb and prawns which was perfect as usual with a hot sauce.

It was amazing – all the food was served up to perfection and then we presented with the surprise birthday cake we got for Christine !!

The bills was paid up and separated without a problem. Thank you kathmandu absolutely fantastic food and service!
We moved onto Casa Pepa for the last few drinks and laughs! We had a problem where they wouldn’t split the bill for drinks and some people had cash and some people had cards
The guy was quite rude and let the place down compared to the guy who looked after us the week before when we had lunch here he separated it all this guy was just being lazy but in the end after a few words we ended paying split bills it’s a new restaurant and they need to look at how the staff are operating!!
The days highlights

Fantastic day happy birthday Christine !!


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